Learn how to play Texas Hold ’em poker and hands chart

Today we shall learn about the poker chart of hand rankings and how to play a Texas Hold’em game. So, keep reading.  Here are the basic Texas Hold ’em poker rules


  • It takes two to nine players to play.
  • It uses the 52-card deck shuffled by the dealer before dealing it to the players.
  • The players get two face-down cards that only they can see. The dealer then deals five community cards on the table face-up to begin playing the game.
  • To win the Texas Hold ’em, you need to have the best hand sequence of all the players.
  • The hand rankings stay the same, beginning from A Royal Flush, Then the Straight Flush, to the lowest that is the High Card.


Here are the actions you need to remember when playing Texas Hold’em poker.


  • Check – You do not bet and pass the opportunity to the next person.
  • Fold – You opt to sit the round out.
  • Raise – to increase the bet.
  • Call – You call your opponents and match the highest pair of cards.
  • Bet – you place a bet.


Texas Hold’em poker follows the same game stages as a poker game. They are as follows –


  1. Blinds
  2. Pre-flop
  3. Flop
  4. Turn
  5. River
  6. Showdown


Next, we shall discuss an essential aspect of any poker game, including Texas Hold’em, the hand rankings poker chart.


  1. A Royal Flush – This is the ultimate winning hand. The sequence will ensure a guaranteed win.


  1. Straight Flush – This is the second most potent sequence. If you have a series of the same suit’s rank, you have got yourself a straight flush, for example—a 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, of hearts.


  1. Four of a kind – The third sequence to come in is four of a kind. This sequence occurs when you have four cards of the same type; for example, you have four tens or four kings.


  1. Full House – This is the fourth sequence where you have three cards of the same kind and two cards in a pair. For example, you have three Aces and two Kings.


  1. Flush – It is the simplest of all sequences. This sequence takes place when you hold cards of identical suits in no particular rank.


  1. Straight – You get cards of consecutive order of the same rank in a straight sequence, but not of the same suit.


  1. Three of a kind – In this sequence, you get three consecutive ranking cards.


  1. Two Pair – This has two cards belonging to the same rank.


  1. One Pair – The second-lowest poker card sequence of one pair has a single team of two ranks.


  1. High Card – The lowest sequence is a high card, and here, the person who holds the high-card in order of rank wins


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