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Pony anti-guard front line player Jones will accept ankle surgery

Ryan Grigson, General Manager of Indianapolis, took the front line of Mosaus Crow in March last year, brought Arthur Jones to Pony, and five years. A contract worth $ 33 million is aggregated. However, until now, Jones’s contribution is very limited.

The rookie attack cuts, Collins, no longer participate in the draft.

It was considered that the first round of the first round of the first Routena State University attacked Diagonal-Collins (La & # 39; El Collins) did not be pasted in this year’s draft.

US time Monday Talib told the ESPN reporter, as a free player left Denver for Osville, he said: “What I do is telling young people, don’t always change your decision, you Income is like a feeling of $ 100 million, but after 2 3 wins 13 losses, you want to leave, money does not guarantee what, at least I have given you this advice. “

US Time Monday, according to ESPN reporters, Kenyan Drake ankle ligament is lightly torn, and it is expected to be absentous. At present, the red rickets are treated in the treatment plan of high ankle tums.

Achib-Talib has warned Osville not to leave

Recently, Denver’s wild horse, AQIB Talib, said that he had warned the front team’s four-point BROCK Osweiler, not to choose to leave, because it is not a smooth sailing.

Before the free market opened, there was reported that the Patriots marked 49 people in Gallopo, but the response received was not traded. So the patriot is reinterped with Newton and spends a lot of money.

Saint Glaham shoulder injury is expected to be absent from the 7th to 9th week

NFL media insider reporter Ian Rapople reported in Sunday “Game Day” program, according to two reliable sources, New Orleans Saint Team near Timber-Graham (Jimmy Graham) Because the shoulder injury will continue to absence a few weeks after the saints are rounded, “it is possible to be 2 weeks or 3 weeks.”

The situation in Collins is unprecedented, business-ideas.Store and part of the reason is before the draft, and some are the talent on the field. His performance in NFL template is the Pittsburgh steelman center Malgi-Poncy Pouncey, he presents strength and control on the body, which makes him seek many new show before the draft. The team is a popular candidate.

Of course, more reasons may be because the team still adheres to the decision of Penton Manning back to the starting position in Osville’s excellent performance. Talib is said to this: “If you are a four-point guard, then this is your job, you can make good, you can start, if you are not good, go back to replace, just this.”

During the injury of the Saint team in Glaham In order to ensure lineup integrity, this week has signed Tom Crabtree, and Benjamin Watson and Joshe-Hill (Josh Hill) also fills the gap of the near-end, but expects the head coach Pelton to take the multi-external hand-on-type shape to fill the vacancies of Graham.

The attack lack of strength this season’s five games, and as the number one target of Drew Brits, the injury is a few weeks of the Saint team. At present, Glaham took the 34-time 376 yards and 3 times, and he won the 16 Dali in the last season, he also caused Briser to be in the Red Union in the Red Union.

The patriot has not pursued 49 people quasi-Galopo

After 49 people traded up, after obtaining a blossom sign, the four-point guard has been nearly destined. This also allows Jimmy Garoppolo to increase the possibility of leaving the team.

According to NFL official website reporters, Jones will receive an ankle surgery in the near future. Relevant persons revealed that Pony will include Jones into the injury list, and he will return after returning to the optimal state. This means that there is still a possibility that Jones has reimbursed in the season.

Although it seems to be a paragraph, according to the reporter, the patriot “did not pursue” according to the reporter. The salary space is a reason, and Cam Newton, which has been re-signed with the team, is expected to be started.

Collins’s broker has told all the team if he was selected after three rounds, he would refuse to sign a contract with his team, and he will apply for cheap jerseys from china a renewal of next year. However, the NFL rule does not allow such situations based on the report of Ian Rapople, IAN RAPOPORT. The team is not willing to pick Collins before I know more. The extensive opinions in the alliance are relatively simple: until the end of the survey is patient.

Jones can competent all the positions on the defensive front line, and the little horse hopes that he can contribute to the rushing and anti-running, but the performance of the last season is disappointing. In the new season, Xiao Ma introduced Kendall Langford, and he took the corresponding responsibility of Montori Hughes and Henry Anderson.

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