Learn How to Use Accessibility Features on Netflix

Netflix has various options and settings that can help you in improving the user experience for the visually or hearing-impaired individuals. Typically, these individuals may face a little bit of a problem while browsing their content over there. But now Netflix has introduced a new feature for those individuals.

They have introduced a new tool that can help them in accessing their content and enjoying their content while using voiceover in the application. Here are some of the easiest ways to access the new features of Netflix.

Browsing on Netflix For The Content

At the doorstep of Netflix, the first challenge is browsing or searching their favourite content over the application. If you have enabled the voiceover feature on your mobile phone or any other system with Netflix subscription, then it can automatically navigate to the title names, menu, description and even the viewer’s ratings in brief. You only need to give command on your iOS, talkback or Google Assistant feature on your smartphone. It may also work on the Amazon prime or Over the Top (OTT) platform.

Can Find Titles With Their Audio Description

On the application, you can find Movies or TV shows by selecting genres or choosing the “Audio Description” option. It will also show all the titles which are present with the Audio description. If you want an audio description in the specific language then also you will get this deal done. If you search “Audio description in Hindi”, then you will find all the content having their description in Hindi.

Assisting Visually Impaired Users To Find The Audio Description

It is one of an optional feature that helps you in describing what is going to happen on the screen like facial expression of the character, costumes, scene change, any physical actions and many more. Usually, it is one of the features that allow the visually impaired ones to enjoy the fantastic content streaming on the Application.

Presently, Netflix has included Audio description in more than 30 languages, and by turning “audio & subtitles” and “audio description” on, anyone can use this feature. If enabled once, the option will become a default option to play on other content as well. If you have an iOS device and already enabled this option in your phone, then this option will get enabled automatically in your Netflix application.

Netflix also offers you to choose “Closed Captions” or CCs feature. It looks like subtitles, but it is more than that as it contains a precise description of the background noises like ringing of the phone, the door closes, the voice of footsteps and many more. Even, you will also hear the voice of the name of the characters who are talking on the phone.

Downloading With AD

If you have enabled this feature, then it is also applicable on your download section too.

Increasing Font Size Of The Subtitle If You Are Unable To Read Standard Font Size

There are several individuals who may face little difficulties in reading smaller fonts of the subtitles. A simple solution to this issue is to increase the font size of the subtitles. If still, it is not visible, then you can add shadow and background colour for the better visuality of the subtitles. You will find the subtitle appearance or change option will be available in the Profile and Parental Controls.

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