Learn Important Aspects of ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment

ACS of the Australian Computer Society is an association of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals in Australia. It is responsible for skill assessments of migrants who want to work and settle down in Australia on the Skilled Migration visa. Since the assessment is conducted by the ACS, it is why it is known as the ACS skill assessment. Ever year, the ACS department gets thousands of skill assessment requests. Some of them qualify for the test and some don’t. The ACS first determines whether your qualification is equivalent to the Australian Quality Framework or not or it is of professional level. It is determined whether you are a major or minor in ICT. ACS allows you to hire a migration agent in order to file the ICT skills on your behalf.

Applying for ACS Skill Assessment

If you are interested in working in Australia under the “Skilled” category, it is utmost necessary for you to follow all the ACS guidelines. Check your personal visa requirements and the occupation in the ANZSCO Code Information handbook to learn which qualification and work experience are closely associated with you. After that, apply for the ACS form online. It is a methodical process and the applicant should have in-depth idea of what they are applying. It requires you to have the sufficient ICT content in your tertiary qualification. In case you don’t have sufficient ICT content in your tertiary qualification, you can still apply if your relevant work experience is of 6 years. In this scenario, you require to fill the RPL application form.  RPL report or the Recognition of Prior Learning is a report that demonstrate that you have the required skilled that are equivalent to the Australian standards for ICT professionals. The report contains two projects and each one contains a detailed description of one of your career episodes. Make sure the RPL report is a story of your work in the past. The report must be strict and has no sign of plagiarism or false information. Make sure that the report is not misleading and is free from any errors.

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