Learn Online Poker In No Time at All

Are you looking to learn poker online? Surfing through the internet to find the easiest route to the poker table? Eager to understand how the action works in the simplest of ways? Well, then you could be relieved because you have arrived at the right place. Firstly, poker does not refer to a single game; instead, it is a collective term used to generalize a wide range of card games played for real money. Now, thankfully as times have changed and technology has evolved, you need not go from place to place trying to play your favourite poker card game for real money because virtual poker rooms have taken over.


Since the advent of online poker platforms, internationally operating websites have become home to millions of poker players wanting to play their favourite variants every day. Through this, poker is now recognized as a skill-based game universally where opportunities are plenty. You need not even be playing for the biggest rewards; you could get by as a casual player contending for low stakes. But where do you begin your venture?


What game do you play before every other to get the hang of what happens at poker? The answer to that is Texas Holdem – the most popular of all poker variants in both live and online platforms. Practicing this famous five-card variant will give you all the training you will ever need, and so, before learning other games like 3 Card poker rules, let us know how Holdem is played.


Poker Hand Rankings


Poker hands refer to five-card combinations that you are expected to form along the way throughout the many Holdem rounds. Starting with the Royal Flush and ending with the High Card – there are ten poker hand rankings in all where the rarer your hand, the higher it ranks and the better your opportunities. In the end, the one with the best hand wins the pot.


Poker Rounds


In Texas Holdem, we have a total of four rounds. In the pre-flop, you’re dealt with your two hole cards, and this is also where the initial blinds are posted. After this, we have the flop bringing three community cards with it. Lastly, you have the turn and river rounds, revealing a new community card on the board. Those remaining after this move to the showdown, where the best hand wins the game.


Poker Actions


In Texas Holdem, table positions rotate in a clockwise manner to ensure fairness. The later your turn to act, the more information you must assess the field and the better your odds of winning. When your turn does come to act, you can either call and match the betting amount, raise, and increase its value, check and skip your turn or fold and withdraw from the game.




We hope this blog helped you learn poker online in no time at all. Remember, poker is all about practice, and Texas Holdem is the stencil you need to draw the perfect foundation. Not to mention, some of the most lucrative cash games and tournaments around the world are played through this game. So, give it your best and learn much in return.


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