Learn the Difference between Spanish Residency and NIE Number

Have you been planning to go to Spain for business or pleasure? Maybe you want to study at one of the best universities in Spain? No matter your reason to go to Spain, you must have all the legal documents to enter the country and stay for the duration. Have you been searching for the procedure of applying for a Spanish visa? If yes, you might have seen two terms floating around, namely, Spanish residency card and NIE number Spain.

If you think that these two terms are used interchangeably for one legal document, then you are wrong! These two terms indicate two completely different legal documents with a different purpose. Both these legal documents are required if you want to stay in the country. Let us break it down for you.

· Spanish Residency Card: This document is meant to allow you to stay in the country for work or study. This document is required for European and non-European citizens. The application process for the Spanish residency card is different and will require a different set of documents. You need to prove your reason to stay in the country to obtain this document.

· NIE Number: This is technically a tax identification number that gives you the ability to buy a property or invest in Spain. You don’t necessarily have to be a resident of the country to apply for this card. You can be domiciled to another country but still, you can apply for this certificate to do business. This is mainly for tax purposes.

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