Learn the Guidelines From the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of AIIMS With Buy PICU

The PICU protocols are a set of guidelines for infant and child health at the top medical facility in India well-known as AIIMS. Naturally, these guidelines are an excellent reference for doctors, pediatricians who practice researchers, children’s health policy makers, and other staff members working in the department for emergency care of the hospitals of the government.

Buy PICU AIIMS Protocol is a set of guidelines to improve the management and treatment of children admitted to the neonatal or pediatric unit of AIIMS. It also emphasizes the fact that every patient, regardless of their history or medical condition, are entitled to the same level of medical treatment and facilities. All of the articles in this book are written by the most renowned medical professionals that includes pediatricians who practice as well as researchers and child-care experts. The subjects are presented in a succinct manner and are well-referenced. The presentation of a large quantity of information in a simple language is sure to provide great assistance to medical students and residents, researchers, pediatricians, and other practicing doctors.

Buy PICU Protocols Book Online to Understand Guidelines of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of AIIMS

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