Learn the Rules of Texas Holdem

As a beginner looking to get started with poker India online games, your first question will always be regarding the variant you would want to compete with daily. Luckily for you, since poker is a term used to represent real money card games, you have ample game types to choose from. Regardless of the stakes, you choose to compete for and the amount of time you can dedicate – you always have a poker variant available suiting your requirements. Well, today, we will be talking about the most popular poker game variant of all time, be it on live or online platforms – the famed five-card game they call Texas Holdem.


Texas Hold em poker is played widely worldwide across all poker platforms for some of the highest stakes possible. You will find many opportunities to play at the highest level through this community poker game. By playing freeroll tournaments in this game, you will practice all your basics and apply some beginner strategies to find out where you stand. Texas Holdem is the measuring stick you will need to weigh your poker skills. Through this game, every novice develops an overall understanding of what poker is all about. So, without much delay, let us look at how this game is played.


Poker Hands


Poker hand rankings represent five-card combinations that you must form in Texas Holdem to win the pot eventually. Without having the best combination, you cannot succeed in any form of poker – it is all about poker hands. From the Royal Flush to the High Card, there are ten poker combinations wherein the rarer your hand, the better it ranks, and the more your winning chances. You can, of course, win with common sequences if your strategies are spot on.

Poker Rounds

In Texas Holdem, play begins with the preflop, where you’re dealt with two hole cards, and this is also where the initial blinds are posted. After this, there is the flop where three community cards are revealed, and the game is nearly set. Then come the turn and river – bringing a new community card, one from them each. Lastly, after the river, those in the game move to the showdown, where the best hand wins the pot.

Poker Actions

In Texas Holdem, table positions rotate in a clockwise direction after completing each game to ensure fairness. This is done because the later you are positioned, the more information you have at your disposal and the better your winning odds. When the action does come to you, you can either call and match the betting amount, raise and increase its value, check and skip your turn, or fold and withdraw from the round. Consider the strength of your cards and the strategies you are using to make the right poker action.


We hope this blog helped you learn the rules of Texas Hold em poker and that now you will enjoy playing this variant for real money freely. All the best and do well.

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