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After joining the tiger 2009.10.13, it is counted in the playoffs, Harris has already played 131 games for the Tiger. He is only absent from the injury in 2016. He took place to participate in the 1192 special group to win, and contribute to the Tiger 28 times.

According to ESPN, Wilkson will not sign in the team label contract in the short term, and it is likely that the summer official training camp will not be taken at the end of the month, Wilkson hopes to take this forced jet as soon as possible. It can make him satisfied, while the eagle and defensive cut Fletcher Cox (Fletcher Cox) renewal is more difficult to increase the renewal of the jet. Since the current salary space is quite nervous, they have no capital to provide Wilkson to Wilkeson, but because Wilkens has not signed on the team label, even if he refuses to report, The team can’t make a fine of him.

A well-behaved career is far from a smoothness. He was very optimistic at the beginning of the 2017 season, but was cut off in early October. During this period, his performance was very bad. His hit rate was only 50% in 6 freeesty, and 3 shooting failure occurred in the 2nd game of 3 points to divide the ball in 3 points.

Tiger renewal, long, Krak, Harris
US Time Monday, Cincinnati Tiger announced that Harris for the long-player Krak-Harris for approximately one year. In addition, they also joined Hardy Nickerson from the training lineup and signed near Tott OrenDoff to the training lineup.

Muraki confirms that Titan’s head two-end offensive command will be made by those involved in the auction of the “Wishing” Foundation. Two people spend $ 10,000 to bid for the right to attack, while Muraki agrees to give two opportunities.

Braddy’s carey to reach 400 milestones
The new England patriots ushered in a big victory, the team defeated Jacksonville America with 51-17. The patriot is efficient, once in 8 attacks, completed 5 times, 3 shots, did not abandon kick.

“I have done this in Atlanta,” Muraki explained that he mentioned that he served as an offensive coordinator at Atlantian Fund. “I will take the first offense of the preseason to auction & mdash; & mdash; let someone command, see how we work, see each of the performances and really let them understand the game plan. Take them into us All coaches are in the offensive group meeting room, they have done this yesterday, all arrangements are lightning. We discussed many of the attacks and let them have the ability to command the first attack. ”

According to Breddy’s current data, he is expected to complete the pass 5931 yards at the end of the season, reaching 48 times, passing the success rate of 72.1%, quadruposed to the ball ratings 119.6. He will launch an impact on the team history recorded in the 2007 season.

After Danny Amendola, Danny Amendola was completed, the number of passes of Tom Brady reached 400 times, which also made him a history of history 400 A player having the least number of passes used to live. The previous record holder Pedon Manning passed 7296 passed the ball to complete 400 times, Braddy tried to pass the ball 7282 times to reach this milestone.

In addition, Brown also adjusted the player. Austin Seibert is abandoned due to poor performance, and his long-range free trip and the only additional shot door are hit. Cody Parkey was replaced by Brown.

Jet defensive core Wilkson or will not participate in training camp
New York jet is a lot of break, the main left is distressed Dabakk Xiao-Ferguson (D & # 39; Brickashaw Ferguson) retired, the renewal of Ryan Fitzpatrick is still far away, and cheap nfl jerseys Today, there are reports called the team’s defensive core Mohammad Wilkenson will refuse to participate in the summer training camp at the end of July.

However, in the 10th week of the Poppper, he finally got the opportunity, he became an alternative to the old Bryant Bryant. This time he grasped the opportunity, successfully successfully successfully tried in 26 arbitrage, and 15 successful 16 successfully 16 successfully.

“We will definitely consider signing a player who fills this vacancy,” Quin said. “You can imagine some of these decisions will need to be tried and something that cannot be done in the current situation.”

Enjoku has also been absent from the wrist fracture in the season, but this season Brown’s nearby end of the season is fierce competition. Enjoku needs to prove that he can be with Austin Hooper and Harrison – Brian. Harrison Bryant competition.

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