Learn To Bigpond Email To Use Email Features

Bigpond gives a free webmail service which is presently known as Telstra Mail. It is recommended by the most of the users as a result of its salient features. You are new to Bigpond and searching for a procedure to use its email highlights, at that point you are at correct place to get the best arrangements in your pursuit. The group of Bigpond Support Number 1-800-431-436 has given the easiest and qucik strategies to expand about the email features. Perform the following methods carefully:

Create a new message and add attachment files:

  • Firstly sign in to your account using correct ID and password.
  • Click on New Email.
  • In the field of ‘To’ provide the full email address of the contact to whom you wish to send the message or select from the contact list.
  • Select Cc on the right side if you wish to send a copy, and then type their full address in the field of Cc.
  • Provide a Subject and enter your message.
  • Now to add the attachment click on the paperclip icon beside Attachments.
  • Give a click on Send button.

Use the following steps to view or download an attachment:

  • Go to an email that contains an attachment.
  • Select the message will show the files in the preview pane.
  • Now give a click on Download icon to download the file and click on Preview icon to view the file.
  • Select the icon of Add to Calendar if the attachment is a Calendar invitation.

Follow the instructions below to reply to an email:

  • Select the message to which you want to reply.
  • Click Reply or Reply All.
  • Type in the message.
  • Hit the Send and get back to the inbox by click in the left-hand menu.

We trust you are happy with the above procedures; there are more features in your record which are not explained in this blog. if you wish to take in more about its features or facing some other issue while accessing to Bigpond items, you can Contact Bigpond Customer Support Number 1800-431-436. Our experts will help you with the vital data easily and comfort. So, just make a call and connect with our highly experienced specialists so as to make plans to your issues instantly.

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