Learn To Play Poker The Right Way

Are you looking to learn how to play poker online? Well, you’ve made it to the right place. Regardless of what others say, poker is not nearly as complicated as it seems like from the outside. Judging by the appearance and the presentation of televised poker events, the general audience who have never been to the table tend to think that poker card games are way too difficult to understand.

However, even the most casual poker players know that it is not hard to follow; instead, it’s the skill that takes many years to perfect. Poker is all about strategic moves and precise calculations. And even though you have the luxury of using tools and software while playing online poker card games, does not mean you can play it right away with no prep work. Now, you might be wondering where to start because different poker games operate differently. However, Texas Holdem’s format is often used as a base in most poker card games, and so, that is what we will use today.

Poker Hand Rankings 

Poker hand rankings are what ultimately decide who wins the pot. These are five-card combinations that you will gather along with the game where the rarer your hand, the higher your chances of winning. This does not mean you cannot win with lower-ranking combinations because ultimately, it all comes down to tactics. There are ten poker hands in total starting from the Royal Flush and ending with the High Card. Learning, recognising, and using poker hands to your strength will aid you in all variations.

Poker Rounds 

There are four rounds in total in Texas Holdem. First, you have the pre-flop game where you’re dealt with your two hole cards, and this is also where the big and small blind in poker are posted. After this, we have the flop where three community cards are revealed, and the game is almost sealed. Following this, we have the turn and river rounds, each bringing one new community card to the table. After this move to the showdown, those left in the game where the best poker hand wins the pot.

Poker Actions 

In Texas Holdem, table positions rotate in a clockwise direction with each passing game just like the blinds to ensure fairness. The later you are stationed, the better it is because, the more information you have to consider. When your turn arrives to act in the round, you can either call and match the betting amount, raise and increase its value, check and have the action move past you or fold and withdraw from the round. Carefully assess your poker hands and be in-sync with the strategy you are using before finalising your poker action.


There you have it! That is how to play poker games online. Not that difficult at all, was it? As a beginner, we would suggest that you stick with Texas Holdem for a while before trying other variations. Once you are confident, you can always explore other poker games.

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