Learn to Save Lives At your workplace

Too many training providers are only there for the training course. We are different. Whilst training is a large part of what we do it is only a small part of what we offer. We want to be there for you after the training has taken place. With many years of experience, in a variety of fields, our team are here to help you with honest and accurate advice.  Bls Healthcare Course NZ

Dealing efficiently with medical emergencies beyond basic first aid requires good prior preparation and planning before the event happens. Regular training combined with reviews of emergency equipment and procedures is the key to a successful outcome for the patient(s) and all of those involved. However this is too often overlooked.

Our aim is to help you, and your organisation prepare for emergencies. We offer a range of services (including free advice) on all aspects surrounding the management of resuscitation and medical emergencies to help organisations deal effectively, safely and successfully with medical emergencies to give patients the best chance of survival.

Our services include:

Advice on recommended emergency equipment

Procurement of emergency equipment

Advice on protocols and procedures

Full range of training programmes in resuscitation and medical emergencies (Basic through to Advanced)

Training programmes tailored to suit your needs

At Emcare, we pride ourselves on the professional advice we offer; we can advise you on anything from what emergency equipment you need (and where to get it) through to the policies you need in place to ensure your patients receive the best care possible. Whilst most of our advice is free of charge, we can also offer a full consultancy service where required.  Acls Certification Program NZ

Whether you are after advice on the training and/or equipment your organisation needs to ensure that when an emergency happens your staff are able to respond safely, promptly and efficiently through to the delivery of the highest quality training courses, we are able to help. Whether you are a new customer to our services or a long-term customer we hope you will find our website a useful resource to assist you in choosing from the wide range of professional services we offer.

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