Learn to Structure a compare and contrast essay

Writing is a skill, and it can be learned over time. There is no rocket science involved in learning writing skills. All tips and rules are easy to learn. However, it requires time for a student to remember all the writing rules. So, an essay writer needs to stay focused, motivated and dedicated to learning academic skills.


All types of essays are essential to learning. Students have to learn to write all genres of essays significantly. They cannot survive their academic career without writing comprehensive essays. Essay writing is a mandatory subject for all degree programs. However, Compare and Contrast essay writing is one of those essay types in which students struggle to score top-grades.


  • Importance of Compare and Contrast essay writing

Compare and Contrast essay is a particular genre of essay writing that plays a vital role in enhancing the writing skills of students. Although understanding the primary motive of this essay is easy, yet students fail to get the desired results. It happens because they don’t follow the writing structure of this essay. Therefore, a student sometimes asks an essay writing service to write my essay. Well, a student must practice this practice only when he is running out of time to complete the writing task assigned by his teacher.

Essay writing plays a vital role in grooming writing skills and polishing their thinking ability in several ways. Therefore, students must give top priority to academic writing. Moreover, they must develop reading habits, proofreading, revising, and editing the text of the essay.

Let’s have a look at the structure of writing this essay bit by bit in detail.


  • Introduction

Firstly, a scribbler has to put down a stunning and fantastic opening statement. This statement demands an essay writer to mark down a fact or a figure or any piece of information that must be unique, interesting, or exciting for a reader. As this essay has no space for emotions and feelings of a writer. Therefore, a writer has to mention a factual or informative opening statement. However, it must not exceed the limit of a maximum of two sentences.

Furthermore, defining the topic categorically and concisely is imperative. It must tell the reader about the particular subject.

Next, writing a thesis statement significantly and impressively is of high importance. It must state the writer’s viewpoint intriguingly. A writer has to mention the main difference and the similarity regarding the topic.


  • Main Body

Explaining the thesis statement in this section is the demand of the Main Body. It is a section of essay writing where a writer gets a chance of explication even the minute details of two subjects. If the topic is related to two different subjects, a student has to examine the hidden features or characteristics of both subjects. He has to vividly tell the reader the reason why he is comparing or contrasting the two elements. He also has to highlight the relation between them.

Each similarity or difference should lie in different paragraphs. A writer must avoid making way too long paragraphs as it becomes boring and tedious for readers to read long paragraphs. Moreover, it is the utmost duty of an essay writer to tell its targeted audience of writing this essay. He has to ensure a balanced comparison or the contrast between two objects. Appropriate use of transitional words is also necessary.

  • Conclusion

This is the last section of essay writing. A writer has to conclude the whole essay effectively and precisely in this section. Concluding remarks must be up to the mark. It is necessary to mention here that a writer must not suggest or recommend anything in the concluding remarks. His duty is to wind up the discussion only and highlighting the characteristics of a subject.


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