Learn What Causes Erectile Dysfunction to Find a Suitable Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is not biased. This sexual ailment affects any man in his sexually active age and devastates him to a great extent. Not being sexually healthy brings in frustration, depression and anxiety which seem to be increasing as days pass by. A man suffering from erection malfunction often suffer from low self-esteem and thus he prefers staying detached from people.

Erection issues have been a talk of the town since years. ED is not curable and this makes it an extremely frustrating form of sexual ailments for men. Thankfully, men can buy Generic Viagra Online and variations to get rid of the issue on a temporary basis. A permanent solution is yet to be discovered.

To get a suitable and effective ED solution, it is important to understand what has caused the problem in the first place. Knowing the root causes helps in eliminating the issue completely. In case of erection malfunction, you cannot eliminate the issue permanently but you can certainly decrease its intensity and save your love life. In this article, we are going to shed some light on causes of erectile dysfunction and how to manage erection health.

Physical disorders and mental ailments both are equally responsible for causing erection issues in men. This sexual ailment can happen to any man and it shows no warning signs. Blood vessels and nerve cells play an important role in creating erection. Approximately 90% cases of erection failure are due to any disorder or injury to arteries and nerve cells. Some of the factors that either cause or contribute in erection malfunctioning is as follows:

Physical health disorders

  • High blood pressure – It is a well-known cause for erection issue. Known as silent killer, the issue affects the arteries when not controlled with medicines and diet changes. When you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, your chances of developing erection dysfunction increase.
  • Diabetes – Like high blood pressure, diabetes is also known to damage the blood vessels and nerve tissues causing erection difficulties in men. Diabetes, when not under control, causes erection problem in men.
  • Penile injury – Any form of penile injury can increase your risk of developing erectile dysfunction sooner or later.
  • Prostate cancer – the disease and medications used to control it contribute in worsening the already present erection issue. In some cases, it becomes the reason for the onset of erectile malfunctioning.

Psychological ailments

  • Depression – The disorder and medicines used to treat it causes erection issues in men.
  • Anxiety – Like depression, anxiety disorders are known to cause situational erectile dysfunction.
  • Stress – Studies have proved that elevated level of stress causes sexual issues in men and erectile dysfunction is one of them.

Apart from health issues, there are other factors that contribute in developing erection issues in men. They are:

Obesity – It is a root cause of almost all types of health disorders. Some of these health issues, as mentioned above, are connected with occurrence of erection malfunction in men.

Smoking – The tar present in cigarettes gets deposited on the inside of blood vessels restricting a healthy flow of blood. This is one of the reasons for smokers to go through erectile issues.

Men must identify the causes of erection issues to get proper treatment. There is another drug that is popular to get rid over the erection difficulties and widely known as Super P force – mixture of sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine.


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