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Leaving cert irish notes  how we got H1 in LC! H1 Notes is for Students Looking for H1 Standard Leaving Certificate Notes  Projects.

H1 Notes is a site set up for A1/H1 standard Leaving Cert (LC) notes and undertakings. They incorporate DCG (Design-Communication-Graphics) Leaving cert construction Studies Notes, Engineering, Technology, Physics, and LCVP (Links Modules).

We set up H1 Notes in the wake of finishing the Leaving cert irish notes Certificate in 2017. While doing the useful segment of our ventures. Home economics notes leaving cert  We saw that there was where you could go to get full briefs and undertakings. We set up this site so you can really see what you want to do to get a H1 in the LC – from individuals that went through it!

Guidance can just get you up until now. In some cases you really want to perceive how others have a H1/A1 with their undertakings. Particularly in a simple to peruse PDF design!


Since setting up our site we have extended from briefs and undertakings to decreased and broadened notes. Physics leaving cert experiments This is so you possibly realize what you want to or on the other hand in the event that you truly need to know it everything you can! We have helped many understudies get the grades they need so they can get to the following stage of their schooling. An illustration of our limited notes is our Construction Studies Notes.

We currently have set up our first full-length notes, H1 Standard Leaving Cert Physics Notes with 350 slides of clear and compact notes!

Starting around 2017 we have had more than 500 individuals utilize our items to get their most ideal outcomes.

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