Led lighting for swimming pools, which led to buy?

Led pool light system has reached all places, and swimming pools were not going to be the exception. And the time is gone when aquatic lighting was little more than embedded halogen spotlights.

Now the LED diodes have taken the decisive step and allow them to be used directly in the water, saving a lot of money in consumption, making the set much safer and allowing you to juggle the colors of the pool bottom.

Can you imagine swimming in a blue or pink background? It is possible thanks to the RGB LED. Well, today we are going to take a look at this type of led lighting.

Tips when installing led lighting in swimming pools

One of the advantages of placing Pentair Intellibrite colour led pool light in a pool is the possibility of altering the colors of the set. And in fact, to achieve this effect in led lighting, you only have to install RGB equipment.

These will allow you to manage color sequences by controlling them from a remote control or establishing a sequence automatically using a modulator. A very practical system if you want to give your pool an air of modernity.

Classic light:

As expected, the RGB system is not suitable for everyone, as it may not like it or it may not work well with swimming pools. For this reason, mostly a whitish led lighting is used around 4000 kelvins and not much light.

More than anything because these types of Pentair globrite color led lights are supposed to be designed as a reference and to achieve an environment, not to read under the moon. So, if that is your intention, forget about putting lights in the pool. It will be worth it with a conventional lamp.

Led pool light:

It would be recommended at this point that a professional do the installation for you because if something goes wrong and not everything has been done according to the low voltage regulations, you could find current leaks in the pool.

In any case, if you decide to do it yourself, opt for bulbs with a high IP and adequate sealing. That is, that you buy specific bulbs for this function. They are not cheap, but they will avoid scares. And by the way, that the converter equipment has it away from the water.

Do you want to achieve an effect first-class and your idea is to put recessed lights in the background? It is the majority option and the one that is best, but also the most complex.

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