LED Lighting Tips for Boosting Your Warehouse Security

Along with a security alarm and a security crew, lighting is a crucial element to keeping your warehouse, your employees, and your inventory safe. While having LED security lights installed is a crucial piece, placing these lights in the right areas and investing in the correct fixtures can make a world of difference. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re maximizing your LED security lighting infrastructure.

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Your security lighting strategy should be comprehensive, with multiple types of fixtures for different areas of your facility. For outdoor areas, durable, all-weather motion sensor security lights are the best option. Look for ones with a wide detection area and install them above the entrance of the facility as well as along the perimeter, so any nighttime visitors are quickly spotted.

Inside the facility, you can again use specialized indoor motion sensor LEDs directed toward walkways and entrances to detect if anyone enters its path. As well, for the rest of the areas, you can combine a motion sensor with your high bay LED fixtures to help save energy while providing an alert when necessary.

Is Brighter Better?

While having brighter lighting can help with worker productivity and safety, there are two schools of thought on brightness when it comes to security applications. For proponents of bright bulbs, they would say that brighter lights will let would-be intruders know that their actions can be seen. The thing is, brighter lights often cast sharper shadows, giving intruders plenty of space to move around and avoid detection. And, just as employees can see better when the lights are brighter, so can intruders.

You can’t forgo lighting altogether, however, which has led many to consider motion sensor lights to be the best option. Install them near entrances and near sensitive areas and choose LED bulbs for quick, efficient, long-lasting light.

Security for Your Security

If someone really wants to bypass your security system, they won’t let bright lights deter them. In many cases, they’ll look to cut the power altogether. Don’t make it easy for intruders to cut out your security lights and take preventative measures to make it difficult if not nearly impossible to bypass it.

As a first step, your LED security lights should be up high and out of easy reach for potential intruders. Also, your wiring should be tucked away and inaccessible to potential thieves, and any wire boxes should have a light above to help ward off tampering.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance

You don’t want your security lights failing when you need them the most, so consistent maintenance is key. Along with the LED shop light selection you have installed throughout the warehouse, make sure that your specialized security lights are on your maintenance checklist as well. Outdoor lights will often require more attention as debris can collect and potentially block the motion sensor if you don’t regularly clean it.

Opting for an LED lighting system will reduce lifetime maintenance when you compare LED bulbs to halogen and other traditional types. LED lights are incredibly energy-efficient and typically have a longer lifetime before needing to be replaced. At the end of the day, you can count on them to help save money and keep your warehouse illuminated and safe.

About Hyperikon

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