Legal Procedure You Need To Follow When Scrapping Your Vehicle

Legal Procedure You Need To Follow When Scrapping Your Vehicle

If your vehicle is unfit to drive on the road, you should never abandon it in the backyard or a remote location. It is important to scrap the vehicle following all legal guidelines. The process to follow might differ from one country to another.

There are specific guidelines that you can still follow. You should always search for the best scrap cars Peterborough services within your reach.

  • Always ensure you are the legal owner of the vehicle before scrapping it
  • You need to check if the vehicle is safe to be disposed of or not
  • It is important to hold valid authorization for scrapping the vehicle before approaching any scrap dealer services

It is important to check with all mandates in advance. Non-compliance with regulations can force you to pay a big amount of money as a penalty as well.

  • Registration certificate

You certainly may not be able to scrap the vehicle if you are not its legal owner. Any vehicle that is owned must have a registration number with the authorities. So the moment you get in touch with the car scrapping services they will ask you to produce this document copy.

Once the registration copy has been verified, you will be legally eligible to scrap the vehicle. You can always maintain the coy of registration certificate with you from the time you own the vehicle.

  • Fitness certificate

Not all vehicles might need a fitness certificate. If the vehicle has been resting in the backyard for decades, then it is never fit to run on the road. It has to be scrapped before time.

In case your vehicle met a serious accident, then a fitness certificate is essential. You may have to produce a certified copy issued by the authorities in advance. Any scrap dealer may never purchase a vehicle unless it is safe to scrap.

  • Owners identity card

How do you prove your ownership of the vehicle? You may have to provide details of your true identity. This is important so the scrap dealers are sure you are not selling a stolen vehicle. The moment you search for we buy scrap cars online, ensure that you already have your identity card with you.

In any case, it is mandatory to submit a copy of the government-owned document. Your driving license could be the best possible alternative document that you can submit.

  • Chassis number proof

If you have to scrap the vehicle, then it should not have any chassis number imprinted on it. You can also ask the scrap dealer services to remove the chassis number for you. You may hardly come across any car scrap dealer services that might scrap a vehicle even if the chassis number is imprinted.

You can check the best services and the requirements list in advance. Before you have approached the scrap services, you should check all documents that you may have to submit. Once all documents have been organized you may have to apply for de-registration of the vehicle.

You have to check the general rules for de-registration with the local RTO services. The rules may vary f country to county.


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