Lescent – Online Incense Cones Store in the UK


LeScent has created a line of luxury home fragrance products inspired by designer perfumes. Our wonderfully fragrant, handcrafted and premium collections contain the essence of natural components, are manufactured with refined high quality luxury resources, and are infused with maximum amounts of fragrance oils, creating a calming luxurious aroma that lasts. If you’re looking for a luxurious aroma online for your home, LeScent’s bespoke and unique incense cones provide elaborate smells that leave an atmosphere of grandeur in any room.
Our cones are manufactured in house using 100% agarwood powder. Our incense cones deliver a clean eco-friendly burn with a strongly fragrant aroma, making them ideal for treating yourself or loved ones. There are several designer perfume scented fragrances to pick from. Our incense cones are incredibly simple to use and emit a rich scent when lit.
Our products are available in a selection of scents to ensure that optimal freshness lasts throughout the day. We guarantee our products are attained by high-quality ingredients we purchase from reputable suppliers to give our customers the best.
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