Let Us All Remember the Release of the Film “Saw” 16 Years Later

A cult film from the early 2000s, “Saw,” celebrated its 16th anniversary on October 29th, 2004. James Wan, now famous for his creative work in the Insidious franchise and DC’s 2018 colossal hit “Aquaman,” was on its directorial debut and had made the film based on a script penned by his frequent collaborator Leigh Whannell.

The ensemble cast in the film included Whannell himself, Monica Potter, Daniel Glover, Cary Elwes, Michael Emerson, Tobin Bell, and Ken Leung.
Co-creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell had penned down the script in their hometown in Australia, however, due to some reasons, they couldn’t commence the production, and they had to come to Los Angeles to realize their dream. They produced a short film that had that famous bear trap scene. The short film turned heads all around the United States, and Twisted Pictures offered them around $1.3 million budget to shoot a feature film in under 20 days.
Saw was a critical success and attained around $100 million at the box office, but more than it garnered a huge fan following around the globe via the power of the internet. Even if we are speaking about paper, it still is one of the few hit horror movies made after the 1996 film Scream.
The biggest thing that Saw did was that it provided a platform to both Wan and Whannell on which they built their careers that are appreciated all over the world today. They have created other hit films since then that includes Dead Silence, Cooties, Insidious, and Conjuring.

The 2004 film Saw relayed the tale of a photographer (played by Leigh Whannel) and an oncologist (played by the actor Cary Elwes) who wakes up in a cluttered washroom bound to a chain. The two victims realize that they are in a trap set up by an obscure man called “Jigsaw,” who has also laid out a puzzle for them to solve if they have a desire to live. They realize it much later that the torture of the two men is also being shown to the oncologist’s family via a live video.
If you have heard about the film “Saw,” it will not surprise you that the film was rated R by the censor board. However, it did have its fair share of criticism by some who slammed for advocating a nihilistic mindset while others called it a “mean” film.
The film has stemmed from nine films, innumerable video games, and other media since its release and has maintained a passionate cult following that cannot have enough of “Saw.”
The ninth film in the franchise has already been filmed, and it was due to release on May 15th, 2020 but got postponed. However, it does have a release date in the first half of 2021 (May 15th, 2020).
The franchise is owned by Lionsgate Entertainment, which is also known for producing John Wick films.

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