Let yourself becharmed by the French doors

The meaning of French doors is the beauty of their passage of light. Having more illuminated house rooms is the scope of using it into the architecture of a house.

They began in the 17th century during the Renaissance. Today we have a lot of models and they’re an important part of world interior design since they are no longer exclusive to their native France for a long time.

These entry  doors are characterized by including glass in their beautiful design. They’re frequently used to connect with the outside space of a home. They’re added to sundecks, patio areas, etc. They also look beautiful to separate surroundings, similar as the dining room and the living room. Likewise, they add visual element in small apartments.

In the beginning, Folding doors were handcrafted in wood and wrought iron. Now, a more vast set of materials are included in its manufacture. The most traditional ones are made of white painted wood with glass panels. The metal is limited to hinges, cranks, escutcheons, and keyholes.

We’re specialized in the manufacture of high- quality hardware accessories, forging, brass, and forging pieces. His design range from traditional, rustic, classic, and ultra modern. They fit perfectly with French doors of any style.

The most common wood species with which the doors are Pine, Oregon Pine, and Oak. The natural tone of them is beautiful. However, the style will be warmer and rustic.

Perfect for country houses or to givea important touch to a contemporary decoration. If what’s wanted is a subtle, romantic, and ultra modern beauty, they’re lacquered in white. The glass has to be tempered and thick for strength and continuity.

Over time, they’re Accordion Doors that have evolved and they have adapted to different styles through variations in their materials and shapes. For a contemporary atmosphere, doors with a symmetry are generally used, while in rustic styles they’re used with angles and moldings.

From an ornamental point of view, a Patio door is an ideal option to maintain the durability of spaces, when the door is closed. They give fineness and can be adjusted to any decoration, whether classic or ultramodern.

As for colors, the most popular color is white, although you can also use natural wood color or paint the structure a certain color to give it more character and make it stand out as an ornamental element.

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