Let’s Dive into the Top 6 Brands of Cigarette in the World


Cigarettes cause diseases but people smoke. Some smoke it as fun, some for having showy status, and some for an untrue sense of relief. Whatever the reason, it is so much addictive that you can’t get rid of the trap once you are somehow into it. Too much seriousness! Alright, let’s come to the topic. Different packaging strategies like Empty Cigarette Boxes with high-quality cigarette production helped these brands stand out among all. Have you ever wondered about the topmost wanted brand of cigarette in the world! Well, let’s dive into the 2022’s top cigarette brands in the world.

  • Marlboro is the World’s top Cigarette Brand

Mild as May!

This American brand has outpaced all other brands in the world since 1924. This cigarette company was initiated by two brothers in London, however, they shifted it to the United States of America in 1902. It became America’s most wanted cigarette within a few years. The successful journey of Marlboro didn’t halt as you see it is still the world’s top brand today.

Two factors helped the brand maintain its place in the industry. First, it was the quality of the product of cigarettes. Second, it was the proactive behavior of the team that kept adopting the innovative marketing strategy. “Mild as May” is one of the marketing campaigns of Marlboro that left surprised the whole cigarette industry.

Owner: Altria Philip Morris International

  •          Price (US): 8.50 Dollars per packet
  •          Origin: USA
  •          Birth: 1924
  •          Brand value: $26.8 Billion
  •          Sales: $25.1 Billion
  •          Website: www.marlboro.com
  • Davidoff is the Second Top World’s Brand

Davidoff provides various kinds of products like cigarettes, cigars, pipes, accessories, and many more items to its customers. It is the second top cigarette brand in the world with $1.3 billion annual revenue. The high-quality products of Davidoff have increased the retention time period of its customers. Its high-quality Cigarette Packaging Boxes are the second factor that helped it stand out.

  •         Owner: Oettinger Davidoff AG
  •          Price (US): 5.50 Dollars per packet
  •          Origin Country: Switzerland
  •          Website: davidoff.com
  •  Camel is the Third Top World Cigarette Brand

This American brand emerged in 1913. The brand name was originally taken from Egyptian cigarettes. It was a different kind of cigarette as earlier smokers used to enroll it on their own. Turkish tobacco is used in this brand which gives a grander taste and aroma. Its unique Custom Cigarette Boxes with the same camel design and structure makes it unique in all perspective.

  •        Owner: RJ Reynolds
  •        Price: 4 to 6 Dollars per packet
  •        Country of origin: USA
  •        Since: 1913
  •        Website: www.camel.com
  • Dunhill is Unique World’s 4th Top Brand

It is considered the best hygienic cigarette brand in the world. This brand was started in 1907 by its founder-Dunhill. There had always been a solid kick by every brand to get the attention of the world. Dunhill introduced a special wool filter tip that worked for it well.

  •          Owner: British American Tobacco
  •          Price: 4 Dollars per packet
  •          Country of origin: The United Kingdom
  •          Since: 1907
  •          Website: www.dunhill.com
  • Lucky Strike is the 5th Luckiest Brand in the World

Before Marlboro’s domination, Lucky Strike was one of the top brands in America. However, it is still the top-rated cigarette brand in the world. It was like chewing tobacco that transformed its business into a cigarette brand in the 1900s. Unlike other cigarettes, Lucky strike contains traces of marijuana in its cigarette boxes. A small percentage of marijuana is already placed in Empty Cigarette Boxes to maintain the special aroma of the brand.

  •          Owner: British American Tobacco
  •          Price : 3 Dollars per packet
  •          Origin: United Kingdom
  •          Since: 1871
  •          Website: www.luckystrike.com
  • Pall Mall 6th Biggest Brand of the World

It started with the name of a famous street in London. Its Custom Cigarette Boxes are of different colors but with the same label and design. Smokers of Pall Mall are addicted to this brand and don’t even think to try any other brand. Its delicious taste and distinct flavor make it one of the most wanted brands in the world.

  •          Owned by: R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
  •          Price: 5 Dollars per packet
  •          Country of origin: United Kingdom
  •          Since: 1899
  •          Brand Value: $6.201M
  •          Website: www.pallmallusa.com


Although cigarette is hazardous to health, smokers are addicted to them. There are hundreds of cigarette brands available in the market but some are considered the top brands. Most of the topmost brands of cigarettes belong to America. It’s the brand’s strategy for marinating the quality of cigarettes that makes it top-ranked in the world. No matter which kind of cigarette brand is there, the need for Cigarette Boxes is always there.

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