Let’s give back to the nature- choose sustainable products

Let’s give back to the nature- choose sustainable products

“Sustainable living means prioritizing the use of natural and renewable resources instead of creating excess waste and depleting resources for future generations.” Sustainability implies the fulfilment of several conditions: preserving the overall balance, respect for the environment, and preventing the exhaustion of natural resources. Reduced production of waste and the rationalisation of production and energy consumption must also be implemented. Sustainable development is presented as a more or less clean break from other modes of development, which have led and are still leading to worrying social and ecological damage on both a worldwide and a local scale. In order to lead a sustainable life one must combine three main elements: fairness, protection of the environment, and economic efficiency. A sustainable life must be based on a better-developed mode of consultation between the community and the members it comprises. We only have one Earth and are utterly dependent on it for our survival and well-being. But both people and nature are facing severe consequences if our current consumption increases (that’s the amount of energy we use and our demand for resources to feed, clothe and house us, as well as materials that we want for pure enjoyment). Making green and sustainable choices are the need-of-the-hour and will definitely impact the lives of our future generations as well as the millions of other life forms on the planet. With the rapid pace in digitalisation and the emergence of exciting new business models, let us also take this opportunity to drive towards cleaner and greener choices and come out of the ‘traditional business’ format. It’s important to introspect and look back on our actions and re-evaluate them – however small they may be, never forgetting that our future generations will inherit this planet.

Therefore, we must drive the awareness towards sustainable and environmental-friendly products and processes forward and change many small things in our everyday actions and operations to support this cause. There has never been a better time for all of us globally to initiate this change than the present moment. Indeed, the time has come to make the shift now!

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For anyone looking to maintain a more sustainable lifestyle, everyday product consumption must be revisited. It requires getting curious about where things come from, how materials are sourced, how long they last, and whether or not they’re reusable or recyclable. For something to be entirely sustainable, everything involved in its creation, lifespan, and impact would have to be as well. You’ll find that no product can be truly, perfectly, 100-percent sustainable, as there will pretty much always be waste involved at some point of a product’s lifecycle. But committing to greener living is about doing small things where and when you can, including doing the work to identify and buy sustainable products. It comes down to us as consumers to examine products’ overall impact on the environment and to find ways to mitigate it.

Don’t just opt for something with an “eco” or “green” label slapped on it; it starts all the way back in the supply chain, where a product begins to build its environmental effect.

Sustainable lifestyle, technically- it means to meet our societal, economic and ecological needs without compromising these factors for our future generations. Man, being the supreme creation of God was expected to adhere to this lifestyle but ironically the blinding avarice of having more and more of everything, basking in the glory of successful feats even if it had put on stake the well-being of our Mother Earth, molding and twisting nature to serve his unending needs rather luxuries, has brought man closer to the brink of his own doom.

The critical ailing condition of our planet earth without a doubt needs a strong intervention by the government and global community in terms of foraging ways to combat the situation but unless we intend to change ourselves, all endeavours are bound to prove futile. The biggest transformation we need to bring in ourselves is adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

Let’s begin the shift from ourselves and our ‘home sweet home!”

Home decor reflects our personality and speaks about our taste in interior design, our understanding of color, and design choices. A house is just the four corners, but a combination of home decor items and a touch of our love and creativity is what transform a house into home. And, the living room decor is the first thing our guests notice when they visit our home. So let’s choose sustainable products as an awareness drive to reach out to the mass right from our living room, How about that??

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