Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

Launched in 2018, Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee were introduced as fairly simple role-playing games for the Nintendo Switch. Though they were created keeping in mind a younger demographic and are very casual, laid-back games, there are a few things that the games feature that the core Pokemon games could incorporate.

Takeaway From Pokemon Let’s Go

Though the game did away with multiple core Pokemon aspects (there were no held abilities and items), the game also introduced some new features that were handled extremely well. The game gave a lot of freedom to the player in terms of the order that the gyms were tackled in. This enhanced the game experience by giving the player more control. The landscape was extremely interactive, with many interactive hidden areas. When compared to “Sword and Shield,” the added choices and sense of adventure is a major perk.

Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee also introduces the feature of having a companion Pokemon for the main character, which is quite enjoyable. Another appreciated step is the lack of the Hidden Machines feature. The Hidden Machines were previously used to navigate through the setting and solve external puzzles and tasks.

Other Pokemon Games

There have been many exciting new game announcements over the past few months. With its range of active AR Pokemon games and other lifestyle-oriented ones, one may think that Nintendo has saturated the world of Pokemon gaming. But given how popular the Pokemon franchise is, it seems like you can never have enough.

Here are a few of the latest Pokemon games

Pokemon Cafe Mix

This is essentially a puzzle game that has been set in a cafe owned and run by Pokemon. The player is supposed to match different icons to unlock other new Pokemon that can be then added to the Cafe staff and contribute with their respective skill sets.

Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep has managed to make a game out of snoozing. The application tracks your sleep and incorporates it into the gameplay. So the duration of your sleep directly affects your progress within the game.

Pokemon Snap

This is a sequel to the initial Pokemon Snap, which was introduced on the Nintendo 64. The player is a photojournalist tasked with capturing all the different Pokemon on camera. Various Pokemon will be encountered in their respective natural habitats.

Many games have already been introduced, and others are yet to be announced. The popularity of the Pokemon games has remained strong over the years, and the developers will continue to introduce exciting new games that build on the older ones.

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