Let’s Learn Something From Astrology

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We interchange the words “astrology,” “horoscope,” and “zodiac” on the regular. But what do they really mean?


A zodiac refers to the cosmic positions at the time of your birth.

The earth’s 360-degree orbit around the sun is divided every 30 degrees resulting in 12 equal parts, called zodiac signs. In astrology, the angles of the stars, the planets, and the sun at the time, day, and place of your birth reveal just about everything concerning your personality, your physical traits, and the relationships you’ll have. Basically, it’s a guide to who you will be. This interpretation falls under horary astrology. Generally, when we say zodiac sign, we refer to our sun sign.


A horoscope is a Astrology predictions , a planetary diagram of a particular time.


A Horoscope is about making a chart of the planets and stars at a particular moment in question. A horoscope, then, details this chart, often with subjective elements like personal characteristics, motivations, and future outcomes.

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