let’s look at 10 of the largest chemical companies in the world

When someone mentions a chemical company, you may think of industrial compounds that you have never used in your daily life. However, many chemical companies also produce a variety of common household goods, such as plastic bags and garden fertilizer.

With so many products to produce, some chemical companies can make amazing money at the end of each year! Today, let’s take a look at the top 10 chemical companies in the world and rank them according to the money they make from selling chemical products. We will also learn some interesting facts about everyone.


BASF is the largest chemical company in the world in terms of chemical sales. Its predecessor is Badische anilin und sodafabric AG, and now its official name is BASF Aktiengesellschaft, which is the first of the three major chemical companies in Germany. BASF produces synthetic dyes, pigments, inks, cosmetics and fertilizers – these are just some of its products!

Dow Chemical Company.

The chemical company spun off its larger predecessor, DuPont de Moore, Inc., through extensive historical evolution. After the reorganization, Dow’s main subsidiary was Dow Chemical Company (TDCC). Its roots go back to 1897, when it was founded to help sister chemical extraction company.


China’s oil and gas production industry has been consolidated into three major companies, of which Sinopec is the largest. In addition to producing crude oil and natural gas, Sinopec also produces Petrochemical derivatives and other chemical products such as synthetic rubber, plastics and fertilizer.

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

SABIC is said to be the largest listed company in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, employing more than 33000 employees in more than 50 countries. SABIC’s five core business units are basic chemicals, intermediates, polymers, fertilizers and metals. The company is the world’s largest producer of several chemicals, including polyphenylene.


The multinational chemical company has several other registered offices in the UK and has about 171 factories in 24 different countries. Ineos has the only crude oil refinery in Scotland, with operations in key industries such as packaging and food, fuel and lubricants, and construction. Ineos also announced plans to invest 1 billion pounds in several projects, including improving the Fortis pipeline system.


This Taiwanese chemical company is the world’s largest producer of multifunctional polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Formosa Plastics is also the largest private enterprise in Taiwan. Wang Yongqing, a successful entrepreneur, founded the whole Formosa Plastics Group with Formosa Plastics as the center, including the production of biotechnology and electronic products. The company also has a factory in Texas, which is managed by its subsidiary, Formosa Plastics USA.

ExxonMobil Chemical

ExxonMobil is mainly known for its oil and gas production and trade, but it also produces large quantities of polymers, resins, solvents and plastics through its chemical brand ExxonMobil. Some of the company’s more recognizable everyday products include plastic storage containers, shrink packs, and plastic bags.

Lyondell Basel industries

The multinational chemical company operates in about 100 countries and is headquartered mainly in the Netherlands. However, it also has a headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA and London, UK. Lyondell Basle, a merger of Basel AF and Lyondell chemical, has more than 19000 employees worldwide.

Mitsubishi Chemical holding company

Mitsubishi group not only produces world-famous automobiles and industrial equipment. The group is made up of about 40 different companies, and its chemical holding subsidiaries deal with industrial chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals. In 2005, Mitsubishi Chemical Company merged with Mitsubishi pharmaceutical company to establish Mitsubishi Chemical holding company.

LG chemistry

Most people know LG Group because of its consumer electronics and home appliances. However, they also have shares in the chemical industry: LG Chemical is South Korea’s largest chemical company. Its main product is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, known for its durability and temperature resistance. This versatile plastic is used in everything from vacuum cleaners to computer keys. LG Chemical also developed solar cells.

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