Let’s Take A Deep Insight About Tiles Making Process

TABULARASA SRL, the place of best quality tiles with classic furnishing. In our studio, each tile is hand made by talented craftsmans and we’re giving you how it’s made! In all collections of tiles, ceramic tiles are one of the favorable choices of our customers. The toughness and durability of tiles made ceramic tile more favorable one. The collection of multi colored tiles, it’s no big surprise individuals love tiling their home with carefully assembled ceramic tile!

How about we begin with all the potential outcomes that tile has! Our tile is ideal for withstanding water, messy spills and is strong enough for high traffic territories. Some regular zones for tile are floors, showers and kitchen. But this is not the end of creativity; our imagination is going far with more advanced tile! We have tiled roofs, table tops, chimney and also fronts of stores for commercial or residential spaces!

The specialty of handcrafted tile may seem wonderful however it’s really the cooperation of our whole group! From the sales rep who causes you pick your tile shape and shading, to the Glazer that hand brushes every single bit of tile, to the transportation craftsman who safely stashes your tile for conveyance – every one of our TABULARASA SRL handles your tile beginning to end!


When your request is sent, TABULARASA SRL’s Marble Mosaic Tiles makers get the chance to deal with making your tile. We begin with making tile using solid clay and form a shape of tiles that are in demand. In the event that your plans incorporate classic tile, this is likewise where we apply your custom surface!

After clay becomes dried, tiles are then brushed with glaze. Since, we manually glazed tiles, this is where your tile gets its special character! A few coatings are thicker and look fundamentally the same as on various dirt bodies, and some respond diversely in the ovens and can fluctuate on various mud bodies. Coating influences the completion and look of your tile.

After glaze becomes dried, the tile is stacked into a hot compartment– this is too hot! It takes around 8 hours for the tiles to prepare. All that warmth is the thing that makes your tile sturdy and enduring for quite a long time to come!

When your tiles cool down our artists collect the tiles onto worksheets to make the establishment simpler for you!

At the point when you get your tile, you will be overwhelmed by the quality and normal for our handcrafted tile!

Want to buy tiles for your place? Tell TABULARASA SRL: color, shape, design notes, quantity and whatever else you need us to think about the tile you want we’ll try to provide it. We are supporting you with the data you have to proceed with your Handmade Mosaic Tiles venture arranging.

We are bringing life to your vision!

Elite plan administrations are not as costly as you might suspect. We want to know what rouses you! Tell us more about what you want. We will give you our best help.

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