Lets Talk about Brain Cancer

About Brain Cancer

In place of brain cancer, clinicians frequently refer to brain tumors. The majority of brain tumors can spread via the brain tissue, but they seldom do so to other regions of the body. Even so-called benign brain tumors have the potential to cause catastrophic or even life-threatening damage when they advance and obliterate healthy brain tissue. Brain tumors can alter a person’s thinking, speech, or movement patterns.

Risk Factors & Prevention

Men are more likely than women to get a brain tumor. Meningioma is one particular type of brain tumor that is more frequent in women.

Some risk factors are:

  • Exposure to radiation
  • Family history
  • Exposure to electromagnetic radiation from power lines and transformers and a compromised immune system
  • Occupational exposure to pesticides and herbicides
  • Head Injury
  • Exposure to viruses, bacteria, and allergens

How can it be prevented?

Unfortunately, brain tumors cannot be prevented. By avoiding exposure to radiation to the brain and staying away from environmental dangers like smoking, one can lower their risk of acquiring a brain tumor.


There aren’t any tests that are frequently advised right now to check for malignancies in the brain and spinal cord. The majority of brain tumors are discovered when a patient visits the doctor due to indications or symptoms they are experiencing.


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