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Are you having trouble understanding the Lewdle words for today? Do you struggle to find the Lewdle word of the day?

This Lewdle answer listing is intended to be constantly updated with the latest Lewdle solution each day. You don’t know what Lewdle is? It’s Wordle for adults. Although it’s still free to use, the New York Times won’t likely be buying it anytime soon.

It’s finally Saturday! This means that there is a new Lewdle puzzle available for players to solve on Saturday, July 16. If you want to maintain your streak of perfect scores, this is the time to do it.

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Lewdle’s difficulties continue to grow, with daily words becoming more difficult with each passing day. If you are determined to keep your perfect streak alive, then you have come to the right spot. This article will provide all the information you need about the July 16 Lewdle puzzle, including tips and hints as well as the official answer.

Tips & Hints for Saturday, July 16

Lewdle has a six-letter puzzle that players must complete to begin the weekend. Today’s word’s first letter is “B” and its last letter is “D”. There are four consonants and two vowels in today’s word. None of these letters repeat throughout the answer.

Lewdle also offers special modes known as “Just The Tip” and “Ghost Guesses”. However, you will be subject to a small penalty for using these modes. If you are still having trouble or don’t want the penalty, the official Lewdle solution for Saturday, July 16 is here.

What is the Lewdle Answer of Today? (Saturday 16 July)

Official Lewdle word of the day and answer for Saturday, July 16, is BONKED. According to Lewdle, today’s official definition of the word is BONKED.

Players have only 9PM PT / 12AM ET/ 5AM BST to complete today’s answer. This is the time that the daily Lewdle reset takes place. A new puzzle will be available for Sunday, July 17, after the reset. You can check DualShockers if you have any difficulties with tomorrow’s puzzle.

What are you waiting for?
In 6 turns, guess the LEWDLE.

Each guess must contain a valid lewd word. To submit, hit the Enter button

Each guess will result in the tiles changing colors to indicate how close you were to the Lewdle.


The button below will reveal one letter of the puzzle. This button is only allowed to be used once per guess.

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How do I play lewdle?

Wordle’s NSFW and completely 18+ version is a spoof of Wordle. It’s played exactly the same as the original. You can play it here. You can search for “Lewdle” on Google. It will take you there.

Six attempts are required to decipher a five-letter word. Lewdle uses lewd terms that you shouldn’t say in front of your parents.

You just need to enter a five letter word and then submit it. The game will change the colors of the letter tiles used. This indicates whether the letters are in the correct place and whether they are present in your final word.

If the letter turns gray, it means that it is not in a word. If it turns orange, it is not in the correct place but in the word. If the letter turns green it is in the right place and in the right word. This should help with future guesses by narrowing down the words.

You’ll be able to narrow down your options for the mystery word by using the knowledge gained from each guess. To keep your winning streak alive, guess the dirty word in six attempts. Wordle is a one-game per day. A new word arrives every 24 hours.

What is the Best Lewdle Start Word?

It is a bit more difficult to find the best Lewdle start word than with Wordle. However, “PENIS” is a great Lewdle word to begin with. It has two vowels and an S at the end, which allows for the possibility of the word being pluralized while eliminating two of the potential vowels.

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