How to fix Lexmark Printer not working Issue? | Lexmark Printer support

Fixing Lexmark Printer not printing issue
You may face one of several problems if your Lexmark printer is not going to handle print jobs. If the print spooler service of your Lexmark printer doesn’t work properly or doesn’t start, your Lexmark printer won’t be able to get print jobs. To clear the print job information, the printer may need energy cycled, or paper may be jammed inside the printer.



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Fixing the issue

  1. Navigate to the start and then to control panel on any of your Windows system
  2. In the control panel, find the search bar
  3. On the search bar type computer management
  4. Subsequently, you will find the options
  5. Double click on the icon
  6. In the next window that appears, select the Services option
  7. Now again navigate to print spooler and then to restart
  8. This option will restart your spooler service
  9. Try printing the job now to see if the problem persists

Problem not solved yet? Advance further without worrying

  • Try restarting your printer by following the below steps
  • When the Lexmark printer is in on condition, just unplug the power cord from the printer
  • Also, remove the cord from the wall outlet
  • Open the printer and check if any papers are caught in between
  • If any remove them
  • Look out for spilled ink on the cartridge
  • Also, make sure you have sufficient ink for printing
  • Don’t give supply or turn on the printer for 30 seconds
  • Leave it down
  • After 30 seconds, connect the power cord to the printer and then to the wall socket
  • When you turn the switch on the printer will on by itself
  • Else press it on.

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