LG’s 5G Smartphones in the Works

LG had been on the leading front for the smartphone industry for quite a while, but we haven’t heard much since the LG G2. The company has gone through some severe turbulence in the past few years. With a lot of competitors flooding the market, LG, along with HTC and Sony, has tanked. The South Korean giant’s profits have plummeted since 2017 as their user base has shrunk more and more. LG has, in reality, failed to launch a good enough smartphone to compete or even merely keep up with its competitors.

The company, however, hasn’t given up on the smartphone market just yet. This year, they made a strategic change and decided to discontinue their disreputable LG series. Instead, the company launched the LG Velvet 5G, which was quite well received and is now looking to further expand into the territory of 5G smartphones with the LG Q92 5G.

A Completely Unique Offering From LG

The LG Velvet 5G is very different from the other phones that the company has made. It sports an entirely new design language and looks quite refreshing. It comes with a raindrop triple camera and features seamless 5G connectivity. The downside of this phone was its price point. It had been priced too high for what it offered and hence couldn’t match up to the competition.

Keeping this in mind, the LG Q92 5G has been introduced as a more pocket-friendly alternative to the LG Velvet 5G. This is a part of their strategy, which involves releasing mid-range, pocket-friendly models. It turns out that most of the models launched as part of this strategy are going to support 5G. The company is also expected to be starting these models with a storage capacity of 128GB and sporting multiple colour models for the buyer to pick from.

Having started their resurgence with the Q92, LG is looking to launch an entire Q series of nearly 13 models to claim their position back in the market. Q3x, Q5x, Q6x and Q9x are other models of the series that are in the works and likely to be launched shortly.

The Odds Seem to Be in LG’s Favour

There is an immensely massive potential for companies like LG to step in and capitalise on the current market scenario.

LG has been known to produce flagship smartphones, staying out of the mid-range segment. Maybe with this new change in their strategy, the splash that they have created will turn into a wave.

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