1st LG Credit – Best Money Lender in Orchard Road, Singapore

Money Lenders in Singapore

There are many money lenders in Singapore, even though Singapore is such a small country. 1st LG Credit Pte Ltd is one of the best licensed money lender in Orchard, doubt you will be able to find another one better than them. They have had more than 25 years of experience as a license money lender. Thus you can be assured that when they recommend you a loan for your situation, it must be the best available solution. Of course you can still look around to see if there are other options!

1st LG Credit Pte Ltd

Licensed in Singapore since 1991, they have and are still very proud to have helped many Singaporeans, even Foreigners working in Singapore during their times of need. Foreigners including domestic maids! It is rare and almost impossible to find a money lender willing to provide loans to maids. This is because it is not as easy to prove their address. However, 1st LG Credit Pte Ltd extends their loan services to maids as well! This is because they trust that the maids will return the money. In addition, maids are human as well! They may need money for any reason.

When you are in need of cash due to an emergency or some family problems, you may be desperate to accept any terms and condition some one throws at you. 1st LG Credit Pte Ltd no matter how desperate you are will ensure that you benefit from getting a loan from them.


Right now, there are many loan sharks in Singapore. So you have to be very careful who you are taking a loan from. Know that license and legal money lenders in Singapore are not allowed to cold call you asking you if you need a loan. The law states that the customer (which is you) have to approach them. No license money lender will risk their license by calling you asking you if you need a loan. Why? Because the Singapore government is no longer issuing licenses for the moneylending industry. If they are to lost their license, they will never be able operate again.

Best Money Lender in Orchard

Orchard is in the heart of Singapore, and by doing a quick search you will be able to find that there are quite a number of money lenders in the heart of Singapore. To be able to survive so long in such a small country, 1st LG Credit Pte Ltd is doing very well! Especially with the strict laws that Singapore has. In recent years, we have seen many money lenders in Singapore whose license has been revoked due to bad practices and behaviour. So! To be in the market for so long, you can be certain that they are one of the best money lenders in Singapore.

How to find them?

You can go down to their office which is at 304 Orchard Road #02-29 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863. They are located near Orchard MRT Station, within 5 minutes walk! That is how convenient it is to get to their place.

Alternatively, you can call them at +65 6299 6654 or drop them an email at 1stlgcredit@gmail.com if you have any questions for them!

They are open on Monday to Friday 11 AM – 8 PM and Saturday to Sunday 12 PM – 5 PM. Yup, they are one of the few money lender open on Sunday in Singapore

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