Lifewave Patches Reduce Downtime After Plastic Surgery

Phototherapy, often known as ultraviolet light or laser treatments, is a patented method used to treat skin problems, and LifeWave X39TM is one such method. To increase the copper peptide that stimulates your body’s stem cells, you can use LifeWave Patches. Young, supple skin is the result of functioning stem cells.

A copper peptide stimulates the body to make new, healthy skin cells in the event of a skin injury.


Stem cell activity declines dramatically beyond age 60, making skin regeneration more difficult. Due to this, it takes far longer for elderly patients to make a full recovery after surgery.


Even in elderly patients, treatment with the LifeWavex49 Patch can stimulate healthy stem cells. Due to this, it promotes speedier wound healing and restores skin health without causing any harm. There is no need to use painkillers, stimulants, or needles to ease pain and discomfort after surgery.


  • Regenerative Medicine with LifeWave X39


If you’re looking for a product that uses phototherapy to stimulate your body’s natural stem cells, go no further than the LifeWave X39. Raise levels of GHK-Cu in the body using our patented and proprietary phototherapy system, LifeWave x39 patch placement. That’s a peptide your body makes naturally, but its amount drops a lot as you age.


  • Glutathione


The body’s major antioxidant and master antioxidant, glutathione, aids in detoxification processes throughout the body. Experts in medicine have linked it to longevity, and it’s present in almost every cell.


  • Icewave


By utilizing the analgesic effects of visible light, IceWave can alleviate pain quickly and directly. IceWave stands apart from the competition since it does not include any drugs and is not addictive. In contrast, conventional pharmaceutical pain relievers can come with undesirable negative effects.


  • Carnosine


A skin patch called Y-Age Carnosine, which works by stimulating certain areas of the skin, has been shown to increase endurance, strength, and flexibility. This patch strengthens all the building blocks of a healthy and active lifestyle: strength, flexibility, and durability.


  • LifeWave Phototherapy function


The nano-crystalline mixture of water, oxygen, amino acids, and glucose used to make LifeWave x49 Patches is completely non-toxic. Infrared light is caught by patches stuck to the skin with an adhesive that doesn’t bother people with sensitive skin. There are no chemicals, additives, or stimulants in them.


More than a century has passed since the first scientific studies of phototherapy. Patches are utilized to capture particular wavelengths of light that are then applied to activate the skin’s surface nerves. Depending on the location, phototherapy can also be done while the person is wearing clothes.


Phototherapy is an antiquated treatment of skin problems like acne scars and wrinkles, but it still works. Phototherapy triggers biochemistry and physiology changes because it activates the skin’s surface nerves. After being put on, the LifeWavex39 patch placement starts working immediately and keeps doing so for 2 to 6 weeks.


Reprogramming your cell lines into youthful, healthier versions is possible with the help of LifewavePatches. After only a short time, others will notice how much more refined, healthy, and youthful your skin seems. As collagen synthesis rises, you’ll see benefits, including better skin health, more energy, better sleep, and a more youthful appearance.


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