Like the title, you can assert they were completely incompetent

It stings a little, but the name of this main post also made me immediately think of Bungie, together with Destiny 2. Them committing to thing sunsetting for as long as they did… especially with the arrogance, stating that it’s the right thing to TBC Classic Gold do, despite all of the valid criticism about it. They did not care about all the player time spent grinding to get their desirable rolls, watching their items power-capped, then needing to re-grind the specific same weapon and rolls, just with a new power cap. They didn’t really make the new drops distinct in any meaningful way like sunsetting was likely to perform.

Like the title, you can assert they were completely incompetent, they desired the encouraged player time, or heck, maybe it’s not black and white – they were fine knowing that their incompetence rewarded them, therefore they dragged their feet on addressing it until much more than a year after.

Wow has had 20 decades of development effort and expertise thrown at it. Apart from shitty systems and buy WOW Classic TBC Gold decisions… It works, the game works and has a complete world built already. That’s a whole lot more than we can say about a great deal of mmos already. For the most part there are no game breaking issues that prevent a large section of the player base from playingwith.

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