Limited Partnership in Netherlands

The Dutch mutual fund industry is heavily regulated by the central authorities who have provided the many types of mutual funds that can be set up and the vehicles that can be used to set them up. Among these, limited liability companies, cooperatives, and joint-account funds are common among experienced investors. Another useful tool for setting up an investment fund in the

Netherlands is the limited partnership.
Conditions for registering a limited partnership
A limited partnership consists of at least two natural persons. There are two types of associate within a résumé – a managing partner and an LP.

Managing partners. The managing partner runs the business on a daily basis.

Silent partners are also known as limited partners. The silent partner does not actively intervene in society.

You can think of a Commanditaire vennootschap as a special form of “commercial partnership”. Like the VOF, the résumé is not a legal corporate identity. The managing partners are liable for debts of the company.

The establishment of a limited partnership for investments corresponds to the CV approved for commercial purposes. In the mutual fund sector, on the other hand, the general partner is the Dutch company that manages the fund, while the limited partner (s) are investors who participate in or participate in the fund.

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