Lin-Manuel Miranda Reacted to the “Illegal, Unauthorized” Texas Church Version of “Hamilton”

For context, the Door McAllen church played a version of Hamilton last weekend, with some of the lyrics changed and an anti-gay sermon added at the end.

Reported changed lyrics include these original lyrics: “I know who I married / As long as you come home at the end of the day”, in the song “That would be enough”, which was changed to “My hope is in Jesus”. / If you could give him a chance today.” It was also reported that a scene was added where Alexander Hamilton repents of his sins and accepts Jesus Christ.

As images of the unauthorized production began to go viral on social media, although the church appears to have removed their videos from the show, unsurprisingly, they made their way to the show’s creator, Lin-Manuel.

“Grateful to everyone who reached out about this illegal and unauthorized production. Now the lawyers do their job,” Lin-Manuel wrote on Twitter while sharing a statement from the Playwrights Guild.

“We defend the blatant infringement of the McAllen Door Church to shine a light on the problematic pattern of some theatrical organizations that perform the work of authors without a license and rewrite the text without the consent of the author. No organization, professional, hobbyist or religious, is exempt from these laws,” the statement read.

“Forever grateful to the @dramatistsguild who have the backing of writers everywhere, whether it’s your first play or your fiftieth,” she added.

A spokesperson for Hamilton further told the New York Times: “The ‘Hamilton’ family stands for tolerance, compassion, inclusion and certainly LGBTQ+ rights. We are in the process of reviewing the unauthorized changes made to the script to determine further action.”

Looks like the lawyers will advocate, then!

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