LinkedIn brings lead generation forms to Sponsored InMails

Seven months after introducing lead generation forms to sponsored posts, LinkedIn is adding support for the data collection tool to Sponsored InMails, creating an opportunity to target users of the professional social network both publicly in the news feed and privately via message. Marketers will be able to curate qualified leads and contact information easily, thanks to a button that prospects click in an ad, message, or post.

With Sponsored InMails, marketers are able to run personalized one-on-one messages to LinkedIn users as before, but while previously there was a noticeable drop-off among prospects in the last step where they’d provide their information, with lead generation forms, it’s easier to collect. LinkedIn said that marketers will be able to collect quality data like someone’s name, email address, job title, company name, and other select fields from their public profile.

One of the newest features to be added are custom questions. Within a sponsored post or InMail, marketers are able to not only use the default fields LinkedIn provides, but add their own, like multiple-choice, free-form fields, or a mixture of the two.

Bringing lead generation forms to InMails is all about giving marketers flexibility in how they choose to target. Starting with public posts was the logical step since that’s probably where a great deal of ad dollars may be focused on, but alienating messages from receiving this capability wouldn’t be prudent, hence why LinkedIn is rolling out lead generation forms to InMails.

But that’s not all either because the company has launched a new Dynamic Ads format, which it touts will deliver a click-through rate that’s twice as high than a standard display ad. With the Dynamic Ads, they’re customized to target the individual user, featuring their name, profile photo, title, or even job function.

The goal of the dynamic ad is while it’s personalized, it’ll make the targeted user feel like the content is relevant to him or her. They can click on a link to preview the advertised content, be it a white paper, downloadable booklet, brochure, etc. and using LinkedIn’s lead generation forms, the marketer will receive their contact information.

Both the lead generation forms for Sponsored InMails and the new Dynamic Ads format support integrations with customer relationship management platforms such as DriftRock, Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle Eloqua, and Zapier.

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