Liquidation auction and its need

A liquidation auction refers to the selling of assets by a company. The assets here in consideration could be office furniture, unsold inventory or any valuables that the company owns. Liquidation auctions can be both voluntary or involuntary event by a business which often arises due to any legal judgement or bankruptcy. It is a case similar to some other auctions where the bidders get the opportunity of snapping up products at deep discounts. Presently there is an option for liquidation sales online.

When liquidation auctions are made the companies sell their goods to raise funds for their creditors. There are different kinds of auctions also done but under the same name. The term liquidation refers to surplus or government auctions. Liquidation auction technically refers to “ means everything must go ”. Therefore if a business is offering a closeout sale to close the business or shop, a liquidation auction is the way to go. In such a stance the role of an external auction house comes into the picture. We are a company that assists other businesses or companies with liquidation auctions.

Liquidation stock or the products sold in liquidation auctions:

In a liquidation auction, the thumb rule is that each and every product and valuables of the company are sold. The items include office supplies, company furniture, assets of the company and any unsold inventory. However, there is a separate auction for goods of high value like antiques or artwork. The proceeds that generate are first used to settle the claims of the creditors and the leftover funds are shared by the shareholders. We as a liquidation auction company make it a point to work in the maximum interest of our clients

Risk in liquidation auctions:

As a liquidation auction service offering company we encounter several risks on a daily basis. Thus there is a commission which we try to keep at nominal rates for the services that we are offering. We assure that the products which are once sold are not returned and full due payment is received. We try to offer a price for the products which are best suitable in the interests of both the company and the bidder. We allow the bidder to inspect the goods before actually making a bid. Though we as a company clarify that we do not take any liability on any of the products sold. Thus it is mandatory that the bidder carefully inspects the products and then makes the bid. Another risk that often arises is that purchases are too paid for at the end of the bidding process in cash or in credit. Therefore it is vital to have a credit card or any other upfront mode of payment. Thus only serious bidders are encouraged.

As a liquidation auction company, we follow and maintain a completely transparent process. There are no hidden prices or any hidden facts. We put up a notice and are under a public record, thus we advertise an auction event in all the leading newspapers. Thus for inspecting the liquidation stock one needs to connect with us and we will arrange it. The same is for the companies which require services we assure the best and most reliable services for liquidation auctions.

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