lists 5 best comedy movies according to the film reviews

Film evaluator selection 5 best comedy movies
Laughing not only makes us feel good, but also help us contact others to help us relax or heal. Some people say that the comedy can even make us better.
Since 1914 Charlie Pastor’s small tramonland, comedies have been bringing joy for us in the movie. The romantic comedy mitigates the fear of people’s clouds. The ridiculous plot can help the audience temporarily forget their own problems, ironically, is a method of eliminating danger. There is no doubt that Americans who stay at home have watched a lot of comedy programs in order to prevent Covid-19.
In order to select a happy comedy movie, Stark uses data from Metacritic, and lists 5 best comedy movies according to the film reviews. All movies on the list are comedies or comedy films on the Metacritic website. Of course, the audience doesn’t always like film reviews, and film reviews don’t always like the movies like audience.
Browse, see what is your favorite comedy movie is the favorite circles, or find one or two interesting movies, maybe you can bring you a few hours relaxation and smile.
“Super Invincible Head Dog: The Curse of Rabbit” (2005)
Director: Nick Parker, Steve Box
– MetaScore: 87
– Running time: 85 minutes
This fixed animation tells the story of the inventor named Wallace and his dog Agammit’s annual vegetable competition from the story of the rabbit invaded. Helena Beham Carter and Ralph Feins dubbed on this film of Oscar Best Animation.
“Back to the future” (1985)
– Director: Robert Zemeckis
– MetaScore: 87
– Running time: 116 minutes
Director Robert Zemikis introduced Michael J. Fox to the audience in the first part of the “Back to the Future” series. Mart McFere is a high school student, and his weird scientist friend Brown (Christopher Lloyd) did not care carefully to send him to the past 30 years ago. Sleep in 1955, McFere must carefully prevent him from changing now. A VOX film review says this movie is “the most perfect large piece” in history.
I vitelloni (1953)
Director: Fedrich Ferni
– MetaScore: 87
– Running time: 104 minutes
This ironic film in 1953, directed by Fedri Ferrini, telling the story of five Italian young people face life turning points. In English, this name can roughly translate into “the overgrow teen” or “the big loads”. This movie is the third work of Ferrini.
Long bid (1973)
Director: Robert Ottman
– MetaScore: 87
– Running time: 112 minutes
Elliott Gould (Elliott Gould) play Philip Marlowe, he is a private detective, which was involved in a mysterious death incident of a friend wife. Gould cooperates five movies from Robert Altman, starting from “Mash” (MASH) “in 1970. Altman dedicated this film to the recent western film” “financial resources “(Bonanza) Dan Blocker. Ottman directed a few episodes of this TV series.
One night of romance (1934)
Director: Frank Capra
– MetaScore: 87
– Running time: 105 minutes
Clark Gable and Claudtte Colbert starred in romantic comedies directed and jointly produced by Frank Capra. Cobert plays a spoiled female heir, she violates her parents’ wishes. Gaibo plays a reporter in the play, as long as Cobert can find a clue, she will help him with her husband. It is the first movie that has five major Oscar prizes including the best film, best director, best actresses, best actors and best adapter.

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