Literature Review; The Starting Point Or The Summary.

It is not unusual that you might need to write a dissertation or thesis once or more than if you are a student of higher learning institutions. Many have passed through the stage, and some are still passing through the phase. Indeed, it is a learning stage, especially for an undergraduate student who has plans of progressing to a higher degree. Apart from the learning stage, people have considered it to be a good foundation for academic research. A literature review is in its entirety not alien to writers of scholarly articles. You can rest assured that we would do justice to the subject in this post.

There are strategies to write. Depending on the requirement, you have to fit the right peg in the right hole.  A literature review summarizes what you have read and digested on your topic. The tone has to be convincing and professional. You have to avoid any statement that gives room for doubt, it is academic writing, and the words have to be pre-determined, researched before putting it out. A literature review is meant to lead on what to expect in the main body of your Dissertation. It would not be a comfortable ride when you try to source materials you want to use in writing your literature review, but one thing is constant, the more you research, the more knowledge comes your way.

There is a technical term for sourcing materials to use for writing literature reviews. It is called ‘Reviewing.’ While you might have gotten materials to use, the next thing to consider is the usage of words. You have to be formal and try making it as simple as possible. The same way you would have your full Dissertation organized, you have to do justice to the topics and subtopics by placing them in the right spot. Their elements are three, and they should be considered in every niche or field of practice. It starts with the introduction part. If you don’t make this attractive to the readers,be sure to waste your time. The attractiveness we are talking about is in your wordings’ simplicity and how rich your content is.

After completing the first paragraph, which would introduce your Dissertation, the next section should be about your study. The full details should be thoroughly addressed here depending on whether it has to do with timing (chronologic) or the method that has been employed before now. The best way to send your message accurately is to puteffort into organizing your thought. Once your thought is organized then we can be assured that your write up will be too.


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