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Jackson got 37 cocked 1 time in the last season and three times destroyed. After the Tiger Selects the Fifth Year Contract option, he is very critical in the new season. He hopes that he can get a long stay.

Murray needs to do it is to let his number are famous like 2014. He only completed 702 yards in the last season, and held 3.6 yards each time, and he completed 13 1845 yards in the 2015 season. Each time you advance 4.7 yards.

“They choose to implement my fifth year contract, so I am very lucky,” Jackson said. “I just want to play, I have to be happy and then it is natural. I love it in Cincinnati. I feel very comfortable. They have a great coach team, I also have a great teammate.”

Hawks Terviate Baldwin, Qusler Contract
Beijing May 10th, US Time Thursday, Haiye officially announced that the contracts that Doug Baldwin and Kam Chancellor have not passed through physical examination.

Tiger Corner William – Jackson: I hope to renew your long-term team with the team
Cincinnati Matulators William – Jackson Jackson is still insisting on the shoulders of the shoulders of the shoulders last season. After the end of the season, he accepted the operation.

That’s because he is an eagle’s external connector three years ago, Https:// he left, but all this has not happened in this Sunday red leather victory, a gesture attracted Jackson’s attention. Jackson told reporters: “Interesting people, this is the first time to encounter such a situation.”

Falcon official announced that the team and Fremman signed a five-year contract. According to NFL reporters, Fremiman’s contract salary was $ 512.25 million, and he added 1.8 million US dollars that he was willing this season, he was $ 4.3 million after six years.

Rex accepted an interview: “This season is a different emotion in our season. Our name means a lot, our father is considered one of the greatest defensive coaches. While we are not bad in the past few years but We are still not enough, our family has won 5 super bowls, we hope to win the sixth, and I hope to take this super bowl with the identity of the main coach, because this is also the family where our family is not completed. ”

Bald Wenhe Qusler has suffered from injuries in recent years. Since the end of the 2018 season, Bolden has accepted three surgery. In the last time, it is necessary to take at least 2 months at least 2 months. At around April, there was a report that Baldwin is considering ending your career. Due to health problems (groin, knees, shoulders), Bao Dewen’s career may really come to the end.

John Schneider, General Manager, said: “The Haiying has made a difficult decision: Termination Doug – Balde Wenhe Cam-Qifusler has not passed the contract of the medical test. These two are the most in the history of the team One of the representative players, it also contributes well for our championship. They have a positive competition, the leadership of the field and the community. They will always be a member of the Hawk family. ”

So does the eagle really have the opportunity to get the player they cut in 2014? Jackson told reporters: “I don’t know, I don’t sure this, we will wait for them, you can’t know what will happen in the future.”

Rex Ryan: The next season means more
Rex Ryan and his brother Rob RoB Ryan have coached the same team since 1995, and the performance of the next season has also become a kind of one for her father. Chasing.

Fremman performs excellent performance in the season, takes 1079 yards in the career, and the bob is 4.8. The Falcon’s 25-year-old Fremman wants to be a high hopes, I hope he can contribute the peak to Atlanta.

3 weeks ago Murray was traded to Titan, but the new team friend Pere West Cox was 129 last season. So Murray took the initiative to find Cox seeking to exchange, Cox didn’t pass the 29th in Danfo Yam and San Francisco and the Seattle Hawks, and fortunately, Cox didn’t care about this number, so this is about the number of transactions It is easy to reach it.

Demark Murray Flowers Continue to use 29 in Titan
Demarco Murray Wearing on the 29th of Dallas Cowbi, the rush king of the year, in the 2015 season, he continued to wear this number in Philadelphia Eagle, in the 2016 season, in order to continue to wear 29 Nattan, He had to pay.

Qifusler has not played in the 2018 season, because he has suffered a serious neck injury before, and it is also considered retirement. Ten months ago in Instagram, may have already finished the last game.

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