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Mood Food is not a complex term, you already know that the food you eat each day plays a vital role in your overall health, but did you know that it can affect your mood too? Making healthier choices in your diet will not only help control your waistline, but it can also a food for mood booster, and provide a long-lasting boost in energy and focus.

Since your brain is always working, it requires the right Mood Food for brain-boosting with specific vitamins and high-quality nutrients to use as fuel or as food for mood booster throughout the day.

Mood Food we choose to eat can greatly affect our mood, energy, and our brain’s overall performance. When you’re feeling down, it can be tempting to turn to food for mood boosters. However, the sugary, high calorie treats that many people resort to have negative consequences of their own.

Waste less food can only be saved when you know what you dump. Examples of avoidable food waste are leftovers from a meal, expired food, stale food, and blemished fruits and vegetables.

Read more to know various food hack which prevents from wasting food. Buy what you need, use multiple times what you buy, eat what you cook, if it is not able to finish then give it to someone who can eat it.

Among those essential vitamins comes Vitamin C.

But what is Vitamin C? What are the benefits of Vitamin C? What is vitamin C daily dose? What are Vitamin C rich foods? Which are the vitamin C rich fruits? What are the vitamin c side effects?

Let’s first understand some basics about vitamin C after which we will see the vitamin C daily dose. Also, at the end of this article we will study of the common vitamin c side effects and deficiency symptoms.



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