Live Out Your Core Values

If we are serious about living out our core values as a company, then it seemed that core Value #4 gave us the plumb line. If we had opted for a hybrid- like vaccines, or a negative test within the last 72 hours- it simply didn’t seem tenable. We imagined attendees trying to get a test the day before they flew out to New Orleans, and then trying to scramble to get another test during the Conference. That presented a logistical nightmare fraught with uncertainty and potential Covid exposure. It wouldn’t “take care” of our attendees.

Requiring Vaccines for all attendees of the Live event- and providing a LIVE STREAM option seemed to be the path most consistent with our Core Values.

Honestly, we may lose some potential attendees- who don’t want to vax up and don’t want to mask up. Which means we may lose some revenue, too.

But being true to one’s core values is what we teach. And it’s what we want to live by as a company, even if it costs us money.

We care about our members and each other. IT’s who we are, and it’s the core value we’ve used to guide us forward.

What are your company’s core values? What is central to your law firm’s culture? IF you haven’t sat down and really given this some intentional thought, I urge you to do so today.

If you and your firm are grappling with this same vaccine issue for your employees, I urge you to evaluate your firm’s core culture and values for guidance and perspective.

There is no way that you can create a policy, process and procedure that anticipates every issue that will come up in the life of your law firm. However, the more you refine your firm’s core values, and the more you solidify and reinforce them with your staff, the less processes and procedures you ultimately need. These powerful concepts will be your firm’s plumb lines when questions or crisis arise.

Be intentional. Be Innovative. And look for the ways you can live out your firm’s mission statement and core values today.

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