OnxChat is the ideal site for sexting using modern technologies where users can communicate and share multimedia content material it’s a completely protected atmosphere. Get more information regarding safe sexiting

• Models
• Users

A visitor or new user have to decide on to register as a registered or model user around the platform.

The registration process calls for the user to supply a phone number. When entered and confirmed by the user, OnxChat is secure the system checks the telephone number. The system doesn’t require a password to access; no problems remembering tricky passwords, but the accounts are totally safe with OnxChat.

Right after signing in, users can customize their experience.

– Add up to five photos
– Entry of biographical information and facts
– Altering the connected telephone number
– View present tokens and total tokens earned
– Customers can adjust this data at any time

Note: The post-login details and features inside the custom dashboard of a logged in user may perhaps differ according to whether or not they are a typical user or maybe a model account.


Extremely secure platform with functions to eliminate spam and retain all varieties of safe private data.

We know how critical it is to maintain sexting private. That’s why our app

supports advanced security settings. As an example, each and every user who signs up ought to undergo an OTP verification process.

This implies no fake emails fake addresses or phone numbers inside the system, minimizing the risk of fraud.


You will discover set token packs that users will buy to spend chatting with their favorites Templates. Yes, the chat charges in tokens. Upon registration you immediately obtain 60 Tokens to spend with all the model you favor.

A user pays only when they have an active conversation. This indicates

– You can find filters to stop customers and patterns from spamming and emptying tokens.

Instance – ONXCHAT.COM User: Mike; Model Jessica

Mike added Jessica

Mike can send a message to Jessica. (Maximum of 3 continuous messages to stop SPAMMING).

Jessica replies for the message: Mike’s token is deducted from her token equilibrium. Jessica can’t spam with too lots of messages to Mike. For each message sent by Mike, Jessica can only send 3 continuous messages; it really is to keep her from emptying Mike’s symbolic balance. Mike has to answer – alone then Jessica can continue.

The model can send a refund request to the admin. After the administrator approve the request, the respective earnings of a model are going to be processed via PayPal or bank transfer. The portals will then acquire the request e pay the total towards the models.

– Customers really need to register / log in using phone number only and confirm by means of OTP
– Users must comprehensive their profile by adding up to 5 photos
– Customers can search for model profiles using a search box
– Users can add a template as a contact –

• By phone number
• By username

Note: A user can’t add yet another user as a contact. A user can only chat with Models, not other users.

– Customers can chat with models around the platform
– Users can post pictures like attached via chat
– Users can acquire tokens on site
– Customers view their token spending history
– A user can invite close friends from his list of phone contacts
– Customers can deactivate their own account

• A deactivated account cannot be located in the search.
• An account is reactivated if the user logs in and verifies through OTP

– Key options in the model dashboard
– Models can sign up / log in using phone number only and confirm by way of OTP
– A model has to finish his profile by adding photographs and verification document
– Admin can approve model account after model upload proof ID verification.
– Models can search for user profiles –

• By phone number
• By username

Note: Templates can not add a further template. The model can only chat with all the user

– Models can block a user from their chat
– Models can chat with customers as well as send photos as an attachment
– Models can invite other models to join the platform from their phone contact list
– Models can upload photo albums (shown in website just after admin approves it)

• It is possible to set your photo albums as free
• You may set your photo album as paid
• Users will have to spend in tokens to unlock paid images

– Models can upload videos (shown on website following admin approval)
• You’ll be able to set your video as free
• You’ll be able to set your videos as paid
• User need to spend in tokens to unlock paid videos
– Models can see their earnings history
– Models can send ransom note to admin
– Models can deactivate their account

• A deactivated account can’t be identified in the search
• An account is reactivated when the model logs in and verifies by way of OTP

– Income flows for a model. A model can earn money –

• Responding to user chats
• Promoting his images videos
• Getting recommendations from users

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