Living A Solo Adventure With Kamshet Paragliding

My weekend had a kick start with a bonfire and camping at Pawna Camp. This camping site near Lonavala was like a cherry on the top. I had one of the best nights I ever had on a trip. I was gelling well with the others camping there and, the vibe felt paradisiacal.

Paragliding at Kamshet was calling me the next day. I moved to the paragliding location at 8 a.m. I booked my morning slot to make sure I enjoyed my day and reached back home in time. I also got to know about other adventure sports in Kamshet that are hard to miss.

Although evenings are equally likable for Kamshet paragliding, I booked the morning slot. Both the dawn and dusk view of the surrounding at Kamshet is distinctly beautiful. Evenings also let people enjoy their time at sunset point after such thrilling adventure. I halted and enjoyed the sunset while recalling the paragliding experience with closed eyes.

I signed the consent form and went ahead to get ready for my paragliding experience. The pilots are professionals that made me less afraid of any risk I was about to take. It is an adventure sport so, it does make a little scared and anxious of the unknown. The paraglider controlled every movement of the glider smoothly. My only job was to follow his instructions and live my Kamshet paragliding experience.

Paragliding at Kamshet was like enjoying something vivid as a spectator. I got a panoramic view of the hills and trees. The wind whistled as we went around exploring the beauty of Kamshet for 10 to 15 minutes. My fear of height disappeared in front of the majesty of nature. The whole experience was so comfortable that I felt the beauty touching my soul.

I was thrilled with the kind of enjoyment and satisfaction I felt in such a short time. I could see the Western Ghats standing high and the forest looking denser than I have ever seen. When I heard a river flowing nearby, I realized it was a complete natural scenery that I was a part of it.

When I was about to go for my paragliding turn, I was looking at the sky full of colorful kite-like gliders moving swiftly with the wind, soaring higher and higher in the limitless sky. When I became a part of that colorful escapade, at that moment, I felt at the top of the world, literally.

I collected all the memories and left for home. I was planning my next great adventurous weekend while traveling and enjoying the beauty of the journey. My Kamshet paragliding experience stayed with me forever in a video that I recorded with GoPro (rented on the spot) while I was flying in the sky.

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