Living Room Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space

The living room of any apartment speaks volumes about the space. No matter how beautifully your bedrooms are, if the living room is a mess, you are out of the game. A well-done living room decor works as an ice-breaker for everyone who steps into your apartment. But more than for anyone else, your living space needs to be good for you.
You spend hours there; cheering for your favourite football club, binge watching Netflix shows, or just sharing a beer with your pal. So, you need to take it really seriously. From the corners to the walls, every nook and cranny should get your attention while you are transforming your drawing room decor.

living room deocration items

1. Throw in Some Cushions

Want to amp up a dull-looking couch? Just add some colourful cushions on it. Quirky cushion covers are a lazy person’s hack for making their living room decoration pretty without having to do much. You can buy velvet cushion covers for that royal look or can have fun with florals and embroideries. Just make sure you don’t pick up something that clashes with other colors of your space.

2. The Wall Decor

While transforming your living space, how can you forget the walls? The living room wall decor can either break or make the entire look of your house. So, be very careful while shopping for the walls. Some great buys are wooden photo frames, vintage wall clocks, and beautifully painted wall plates. They never go out of style and always do wonders in beautifying your space.

3. The Corners

After putting up the right furniture and the wall decor, you would probably think that your job is done here. But, you are wrong. The corners of a space often go unnoticed but when decorated properly, can transform the look of the apartment completely. Living room floor and table lamps can be a great addition to the corners of your living room. They come in a variety of contemporary designs these days. Go for something that does not take up much space but look absolutely ravishing. Another great option are floor runners. You can make a peaceful reading space by putting up a floor runner in one corner of the house. Pile up some books around, add a cushion or two, and that would be the perfect place for your reading or ukulele sessions.

4. Rugs and Carpets

What can be a better way to add colour to your space than rugs? Carpets and rugs are great for clumsy people who tend to spill and drop every thing. A thick, snug carpet would save you the horror of staining the floor while keeping it clean at the same time. In the wintertime, a carpet would also keep your feet warm and you wouldn’t have to tiptoe your way on the cold floor to get some socks.

5. Play with Lights

If you have ample time, you can play around with the lighting of your house too. Go for soft lights for a calming vibe or the warm golden ones to get that perfect cosy corner. Decorative lamps for living room will add character to your space and also cast pretty shadows on the walls. After a long day at work, just relax on your couch with your ginger tea and enjoy the shadows on the walls, like a painting on a canvas. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Well, you can make that a reality just by figuring out the right kind of living room decor for your house and working your way through it.

Giving your drawing room a new look may sound taxing and intimidating at first but once you know what all you want in your space, things get a lot easier. Just visit some stores, check out living room decoration items online and make up your mind. Start small like collage photo frame, desk organizer. You don’t need to buy everything you can get your hands on. Buy one or two decor pieces at first and see how they look at your space. Once you figure out what all will look great in your house, then shop more. Take it easy and you will be good-to-go.

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