Home made? Hand made? Collectables or produce? We have got the market for you.

Try your luck as a casual stallholder at Lizard Log Markets in Abbotsbury.

Whether you are new to running a market stall, or running your market stall is your bread and butter income, Lizard Log Markets welcomes you.


Bring your sense of magic, your great ideas, those treasures you’ve found and more. You are always welcome at the Lizard Log Markets in Abbotsbury. Sydney Produce Markert

We offer causal stall holder spaces for people that want to:

Turn that hobby or love of collecting into something that pays for itself through buying and selling

Enjoy the casual stallholder status while you try out the market without a big commitment

Got a great idea for a casual market stall?

Our team is experienced with helping your market stall adventure go to plan. 50% of our market is made up of eager casual stall holders just like you. You can flirt with selling your items without strings or build a timetable of participation as a casual stallholder that works for you.

That’s why we offer:


As a casual stallholder, you can pre-book your stall to help your planning OR you can grab the early morning inspiration and queue up on the day.

Low risk

If the market is cancelled due to bad weather, you can also transfer your booking to another date. We make it easy for you to fit to your timetable.

No waiting lists

At Lizard Log Markets, we run our markets without wait lists to ensure everyone feels welcome. Our markets are ready and waiting for when inspiration strikes you.

Experiment with freedom

Found a treasure you know the big and little kids alike will adore? Reap the rewards with low risk by testing your next business idea with us. Sydney Market Open Time

An eclectic mix

Be a part of a kaleidoscope of wonder and ever-changing items. You’ll find vintage fashion, curiosities and collectibles, cucumbers, Cuban food and everything in between here.

Culture and family

There’s a rich array of culture and family to discover at Lizard Log Markets. This is community in action. Everyone comes together to share, bargain, feed and entertain the family.

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