Local Search Ranking Algorithm Update: What You Ought to Know


Basic web page optimization practices will help your website to rank well on local search results in Google, but Google has announced an update to its local search ranking algorithm that you ought to know about if you want your business to maintain its top rankings in the Yakima area. The update affects the signals that are used by Google to determine where businesses should rank in the local search results and how those results are presented to searchers, so businesses that were previously ranked high can find themselves dropping down or disappearing from the local search rankings altogether if they don’t stay up-to-date with the most recent changes from Google. Talk to your expert of local SEO services in Yakima, WA, to learn more.

Google slowly rolled out an algorithm update in November 2021, which is proving to be the most significant update to local search in recent years. The search giant describes the update as ‘a rebalancing of different local search factors.’

Rebalancing of Local Ranking Factors

Google announced another round of updates to its local search ranking algorithm. This time, however, it’s a major re-balancing of its factors rather than an all-out reorganization. The re-balancing was made in response to user behavior and clickthrough data. The ultimate goal of this algorithmic update is to allow businesses to improve their opportunity to reach more local customers by optimizing their business listings. Also, businesses that are performing well for searches that are far away from their locations must find ways to recalibrate to serve customers in further away locations. Get in touch with your SEO expert in Yakima, WA, to know more.


Increasing relevance is one of three ways Google measures how well a search result is answering a searcher’s query. Google has said that making it easier for people to get relevant information will help them find what they need and discover new, useful content. That may seem like an obvious goal, but consider that some websites try their best to promote a certain item or site over relevant results. So, make sure that your local business profile matches what someone is searching for.


The local search ranking algorithm is essentially a distance-based function that evaluates how far an individual searcher is from your business. If you are closer in proximity to them, your site will appear higher in organic search results.


When it comes to local SEO, prominence is all about how popular is your business among the audience. If your business is prominent, you can get your business to the top ranking without doing too much work. With the latest algorithmic update, prominent businesses that are far away from the searcher will drop in ranking, while businesses with less prominence in the same geographic area will start ranking higher.

Wrapping Up

The new Google local search ranking algorithm is a significant change from those that preceded it. This makes a point worth repeating—it’s always important to learn about new changes in your industry so you can stay on top of your game. Choosing the right Yakima online marketing services can help you do just that!

The author of this article offers top-notch local SEO services in Yakima, WA, and has over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he explains the latest local search update from Google. Visit https://seodealers.com/ for more.

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