Lodging Australian Partner Visa? Here are the Top 6 Things that you need to know.

Every year so many applicants apply for a partner visa to live with their partner in Australia. But even when the relations are genuine, these applications get rejected, and people don’t find out the reasons. In this case, an Australia Visa Consultant in Gujarat can help you with the process and make sure you get the partner visa. But you need to know about some things on priority.


  1. Your eligibility

If you have a partner who is a permanent Australian citizen, then you are eligible for the partner visa.

  • Subclass 801 and 820 visas allow the partner to get a permanent place in Australia and to live there.
  • 820 allows the applicant to live there for two years, and during that period, the applicant can apply for 801, the permanent visa.
  • 309 subclass allows the applicant to stay in Australia for two years; after that, the applicant can apply for migrant subclass 100. 300 is granted to those who want to get married or engaged, and it allows them to stay for nine months.


  1. Prepare your application properly.

You need to prepare the required documents properly, such as photographs, identity, passport, relationship, health and character, and others. Hiring an Australia Visitor Visa Consultant in Gujarat can help you collect all the important documents.


  1. Important Criteria to meet

Both the applicant and sponsor have to be above the age of 18, and it has to be a minimum 2-year relationship. Here the sponsor must be the fiancé of the applicant, and he/she must have certain visas. Australia Student Visa Consultant in Vadodara can’t help you in this process; that is why you need to hire someone that has the expertise in a partner visa.


  1. Communicating with the case officer

The department might ask you to come for further evidence or documentation. You will be notified by the case officer, and you have to respond in 28 days. And the department may ask for an interview. If you hire the Best Immigration Consultant in Melbourne, then he/she will prepare you in the best possible way for the interview.


  1. Processing time

The processing time of a visa depends on the type of visa. Subclass 100 may take 18 months- 22 months. Subclass 300 might take 18 months-28 months.


  1. Hire professional

As we have mentioned earlier, you need to hire a professional to avoid getting rejected. Visa Consultants Service in Melbourne will take care of the errors and make sure you get the visa. Make sure you hire a good Australia Immigration Consultant in Melbourne. Reach out to Future Choice Consultant today. The team will guide you throughout the process and help you get the visa.

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