Logo Design – Issues to maintain in Mind

Typically, the most beneficial ideas are very simple and plain. Lots of business organizations generate or buy their own elaborate logo with several components and colors. This tends to make printing of logo both pricey and difficult. Complicated and sophisticated logos cloud the thoughts whereas uncomplicated logos are very simple to keep in mind. Nike and A&T logos are example of really basic and pretty well known logos. Each of them have simple design and have plain letters in one color which makes them easy to don’t forget and helps in recalling the brand. Get more information about www.fontchamp.com

Visibility: Visibility is one more aspect on which logos are judged. You can think of several companies that you drive by regularly and their sign boards are very colorful and pretty wordy but too small which tends to make it difficult to see and that’s the reason why you don’t keep in mind their names. More importantly you don’t even know what they sell and because of this you can’t recommend to your friend also. Have you ever seen a company name in a script on a sign? It’s unreadable.

Logos should be designed on the common company name. For example if the company name is “Maria’s Thai Restaurant” and its common name is “Maria” then it would be better to make logo out of word “Maria” in one color, bold with words being extremely clear. It’s not recommendable to make the logo using the alphabets M, T and R as people will call it Maria’s only and not MTR.

Easy is finest: Imagine a situation in which company becomes a globally known corporation then you would expect logo to lend itself to that. It is quite obvious that name “Maria’s Thai Restaurant” won’t be the name of the globally acclaimed company. Better name could be “Maria’s Thai Range”. This name gives a feel of quality, fame, and sales at national and global level. Now the question arises what should be the logo type? It’s recommended always to have plain and simple logo for such big companies (though here it is just in the imagination). A clean and neatly carved graphic would be ok. A logo of Thai food cartoon won’t work in this case.

Uniformity: Always keeps the same design. Commonly new companies find difficult to find and hire a designer and ultimately they opt not hire any designer. This condition can be OK for such company but what if when company is big and its name is always there in print. It would be very best in the company’s interest to always use the same font logo in bold fashion. Logo should be such that which can help clients of the companies to associate themselves with the company. A change of logo can create the confusion in the mind of customer; they may find difficulty in recognizing the company after the change.

The foremost important rule of logo design is that your logo should be in the one color, basic, bold and easy to read. So, for designing the logo for your organization, it would be in your favor to maintain the above points in mind.

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